The Lars Onsager Lecture and Professorship

Lars Onsager (1903–1976)

Lars Onsager, Nobel laureate in chemistry 1935Norwegian-American chemist and physicist. Born in Oslo, Ch.E. degree from Norges Tekniske Høiskole, Trondheim, in 1925. Emigrated to the USA in 1928 and became an American citizen in 1945. J. Willard Gibbs Professor at Yale University. Received the 1968 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for work done in 1931 on irreversible thermodynamics. (Biographical note).

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The Lars Onsager Lecture and the Lars Onsager Professorship are awarded by the Onsager committee.

Present Onsager Lecturer

Sir Konstantin Novoselov. Photo: The University of Manchester.The Lars Onsager Lecture for 2014 will be presented by Professor Sir Konstantin Novoselov, Manchester University (Nobel Laureate in Physics 2010).

The lecture is held Thursday, 6 November 2014 at 14:15 in auditorium S3 in Central Building 1 on the Gløshaugen campus.

Title: Materials in the Flatland. (Abstract.)

For further information, please contact Prof. Helge Holden

Previous lecturers.

Present Onsager Professor

Zhou XiangyuThe Lars Onsager Professorship for 2014 has been awarded to Professor Xiang-Yu Zhou, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

For further information, please contact Prof. John-Erik Fornæss or Prof. Helge Holden.

Previous professors.

The Lars Onsager archive

Thanks to the generosity of Lars Onsager's sons and daughter, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology has established a Lars Onsager archive located at NTNU Library/Gunnerus Library in Trondheim.

A substantial part of the archive has now been made freely available in digital form.

Biographical Material

A general reference to the scientific works of Lars Onsager is:

(Boken fins også på norsk "Norske nobelprisvinnere", (Olav Njølstad, red.) Universitetsforlaget, 2005).

The Onsager Lecturer and the Onsager Professor receive the Onsager medal.

Onsager medal: Obverse

Onsager medal: Reverse

Artist: Harald Wårvik, minted by Den kongelige mynt, Kongsberg