Norwegian Centre for Transmission Electron Microscopy (NORTEM)

Inauguration of the new NORTEM JEOL microscopes in Trondheim

September 10. 2013

We welcome you to the opening of our new facilities

The event will take place on Tuesday 10. September 2013 in auditorium R8, Realfagbygget at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). We hope potential users from the materials and the microscopy research fields from Trondheim, the Nordic countries and the rest of the world will come and join us in the celebration of our new microscopes.




08.30 Coffe and teeming outside auditorium R8

Welcome and introduction

John Walmsley, Ton van Helvoort and Randi Holmestad


Contribution from The Research Council of Norway

Asbjørn Mo, Department Director, The Research Council of Norway

«Key Principles for Norwegian Research Infrastructure Funding»



Kari Melby, Pro-Rector for Research of NTNU

Unni Steinsmo, CEO of SINTEF

Gon'emon Kurihara, President of JEOL Ltd.

10.50 Signing of JEOL Competence Centre contract (JCC)
- by JEOL AB (Skandinaviska), SINTEF and NTNU
11.00 Guided tours of the facility and Lunch buffet at the canteen in Realfagbygget


Scientific Seminar on Advanced TEM


Jian-Min Zuo, University of Illinois, Urbana‐Champaign, US

«The pursuit of higher resolution: past, present and scientific opportunities»


Per Persson, Linköpings University, Sweden

«The long road towards scientific results in a new high resolution tem facility»


Takeshi Kasama, Denmark Technical University, Denmark

«Nanoscale magnetic imaging of iron oxides»


Sarah Haigh, University of Manchester, UK

«High resolution imaging and EDX elemental mapping of low dimensional materials»

15.00 Coffee break

Masahiro Kawasaki, JEOL USA Inc

«Introduction of an AC STEM ARM-200F and its application for a thin film»


Williams Lefebvre, University of Rouen, France

«Recent results obtained on the "probe-corrected" ARM 200F at the University of Rouen»


Ian MacLaren, University of Glasgow, UK

«Quantitative Studies of Nanoscale Chemistry in a next generation STEM»


Dinner at Kvilhaugen Gård (Tapas buffet)



There is no fee for participation, but you have to register within Tuesday 20. August 2013. 


Comfort Hotel Park, Trondheim city center. The single rooms will include breakfast and free wifi. NOK 916 person/night. Participants order and pay accommodation for themselves (August 9th-11th). To get discount the hotel accommodation have to be booked before 20. August (reference number 56598).

Facilities and research activities

More details on the new instruments; The NORTEM microscopes in Trondheim [pdf]. The new Microscopes; JEM-ARM200F (JEOL double corrected), JEM-2100F TEM and JEM-2100 LaB6 TEM.

TEM Gemini Centre

TEM Gemini CentreDetails on the TEM activities of SINTEF and at NTNU within the physical sciences can be found on the TEM Gemini Centre webpage. For questions regarding the inauguration or the new core facilities, contact Randi Holmestad.

Flyer and information

Inauguration of new NORTEM JEOL TEMs in Trondheim September 10. 2013 [pdf] (made for SCANDEM May 2013)

NORTEM-JEOL Trondheim inauguration and seminar, September 10, 2013, Trondheim, Norway (SCANDEM)

An eye for materials research (Norges forskningsråd)


Randi Holmestad, Department of Physics, NTNU. Email:
John Walmsley, Materials and Chemistry, SINTEF. Email:


The Norwegian Centre for Transmission Electron Microscopy (NORTEM) is a large scale infrastructure project supported by the The Research Council of Norway and the three partners, NTNU, SINTEF and UiO, for investing in and running TEM infrastructure in Norway. The project has two nodes. The Trondheim node will have three TEMs from JEOL and the Oslo node two TEMs from FEI and JEOL. All instruments will be operative by the end of 2013. The official opening of NORTEM will take place in Oslo early 2014.

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