Research at Programme for Teacher Education (PLU)

People in the foyer, Moholt. Photo.

The research at PLU reflects the significant position that the unit has between NTNU and school’s, through our particular responsibility for qualification for the teaching profession. Our focuses are therefore in particular classroom-research and teacher’s work. At our unit we have developed a cooperative model with 36 lower and upper secondary schools. This partnership-model is also the starting point for our research activity. In addition to that, PLU as one of the national leading teacher education institutions, also undertake research in method and instruction in all the major subjects in school.

As host for NTNU’s university pedagogical milieu, we are engaged in a variety of research programmes in related topics, aiming for a scientific profile based on innovation and critical reflection.

A third major field of research at PLU, is that connected to the University`s Resource Centre for Education.

Research and development at PLU tends to be innovative and focus on aspects linket to school practice and teacher education.

PLU also offer opportunities for qualification in research methods through its PhD programme and other qualification programmes.