Programme for Teacher Education


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Studies at Programme for Teacher Education


We also offer a variety of in-service training and further education courses for teachers.

All our study programmes are taught in Norwegian. We educate teachers for Norwegian schools where Norwegian is the language of instruction. Therefore, we require that applicants are fluent in Norwegian. 


Teacher education

Teacher education includes the following study programmes:

The teacher education programmes qualify for teaching in grades 5-13  and 8-13 in Norwegian schools.


Master's degree programmes

The Master of School Management (page in Norwegian) is a continuing education programme for teachers and school leaders.

We also offer a Master's degree in educational studies with five different areas of specialisation: English and foreign language education, arts education, science education, social science education, and vocational education. This programme is suitable for candidates holding a teacher certificate in primary and lower secondary education.


In-service educational training for university staff

All newly appointed staff at NTNU who do not have formal qualifications for teaching, are obliged to follow an in-service educational training course within a set period of time after being appointed. The training provides the newly appointed staff with basic competence for teaching at university.


In-service and further education

Currently, Programme for Teacher Education offers a variety of in-service and further education courses for teachers in the fields of general education, science education, mathematics education and school management.