European Palliative Care Research Centre

The European Palliative Care Research Centre (PRC) aims at improving palliative care through research, education and implementation of research findings in an international setting. The main research area within the PRC is symptom management, especially concerning pain and cachexia.  

The PRC is based at NTNU's Faculty of Medicine and at Trondheim University Hospital, and was established in 2009 with recommendations and support from the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC). 

The PRC coordinates groups and individual researchers across Europe along with researchers in North America and Australia, and consists of 17 core collaborating centres.

The PRC is based upon an open invitation for all active researchers in palliative care to participate.


  • Coordinate actions between groups and individual researchers across Europe and from USA, Canada and Australia
  • Plan and conduct international multicentre studies
  • Promote palliative care research in Europe with the aim to improve research funding
  • Apply for further national and international funding on behalf of the participants in the centre
  • Initiate and develop evidence based guidelines and perform update of treatment guidelines when appropriate.
  • Run an international PhD program for teaching young investigators/researchers

Research strategy

The PRC emphasises research within the area of symptom control that includes assessment and classification as well as understanding of the basic underlying mechanisms of common symptoms and signs. Large scale studies with a prospective design will be prioritised.

The scope of the PRC will encompass clinical, translational and basic research and the studies will be conducted in close collaboration with, and as an integrated part of, the EAPC Research Network (EAPC RN).

Organisational structure

The PRC is affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine, NTNU and the Trondheim University Hospital. The collaboration between the international universities and/or hospitals and the EAPC RN will be formalised in common agreements.

The PRC Advisory Board will be constituted by the PRC Director, the Scientific Officers of the Management Group, all the scientific positions internationally formally linked to the Centre, and all principle investigators of projects affiliated to the PRC.


The main sources of funding of the PRC are The Norwegian Cancer Society, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and Trondheim University Hospital. Additional support has been awarded by the Open Society Institute (USA), the Floriani Foundation (Italy) and by an unrestricted grant from Nycomed.

The Norwegian regional palliative care centres

Each of the four Regional palliative care centres in Norway allocates one part time researcher (20 % of a full-time position) to contribute to the work within the PRC.

Central Norway

Western Norway

South-Eastern Norway

Northern Norway


Visiting adress:
   Olav Kyrres gt. 10
   St.Olavs Hospital, Trondheim University Hospital

Postal address:
   PRC, Department of Cancer
   Research and Molecular Medicine
   NTNU, Faculty of Medicine

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PRC and palliative care: Interview with Prof. Kaasa

Director of the PRC, Professor Stein Kaasa, was interviewed by the journal Palliative Medicine in 2013 about palliative care and the European Palliative Care Research Centre (PRC).

Read the interview here: Cancer pain management: the last decade and looking forward.