PRC at IASP 2016

The PRC was represented at the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) World Congress in Yokohama in September 2016.

Professors Stein Kaasa and Mike Bennett attended the meeting which brings the world's leading pain researchers together to discuss emerging ideas and new treatments. Mike and Stein have been leading the development of a cancer pain taxonomy for the ICD-11 as part of an IASP task force on pain classification (to be published by WHO in 2018). This has involved several years of work to formulate and refine the classification in line with ICD format and in keeping with other pain states. Stein presented the cancer pain work as part of a topical seminar on ICD-11. The initial framework will be presented to WHO in November this year for preliminary approval with the full classification to be submitted by March 2017. The classification system will require some field testing and so EAPC Research Network centres interested in helping with this are asked to contact Mike Bennett.

Cancer pain was the centre of another topical seminar led by Mike which examined 'Explaining negative studies of analgesics in cancer pain: poor trial methodology or genuine lack of effect? Mike, Janet Hardy (Brisbane) and Eija Kalso (Helsinki) discussed the challenges of the current evidence base and potential solutions. Mike had also been invited to deliver a plenary lecture on 'Mechanism based cancer pain therapy' which covered physiological mechanisms and drug therapy but also explored the impact of interventions aimed at patient and professional behaviours, and aimed at the level of the health system. A meeting of the Cancer Pain Special Interest Group (SIG) was held which discussed ways in which cancer pain researchers could be brought together more closely. The next IASP congress will be held in Boston, USA in Sept 2018; this remains the premier pain research meeting and for cancer pain researchers, this is well worth attending and showcasing your work.

GW Hanks lecture 2015









At the 5th International Seminar in Leeds, October 2015, professor Florian Strasser gave the annual GW Hanks lecture. The title of the lecture was "Integrated symptom assessment and management".

Book award for PRC researchers

In 2015, the 5th edition of the Oxford Textbook for Palliative Medicine was published, with three out of five editors being PRC collaborators; Stein Kaasa, Marie Fallon and David Currow.

At the BMA (British Medical Association) Medical Book Awards 2016, the book was awarded first prize in the "Medicine" category.

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