Professor Stein Kaasa was appointed Honorary Professor at Tblisi State University, Georgia, on 14 November 2015.

GW Hanks lecture 2015









At the 5th International Seminar in Leeds, October 2015, professor Florian Strasser gave the annual GW Hanks lecture. The title of the lecture was "Integrated symptom assessment and management".

In Memoriam

Loredana Floriani, honorary president of the Floriani Foundation (FF), died in Milan on Monday October 16th 2015, 95 years old.

The Floriani family has been a landmark for the development of palliative care in Italy and in the world, and with Vittorio Ventafridda at the National Cancer Institute of Milan they started a program to help the development of palliative care services, to build and disseminate knowledge and promote research. FF organized the first European Palliative Care Congress in Milan (April 1988), and on that occasion it was decided to establish the European Association of Palliative Care

The foundation was also central in founding PRC in 2009. We honour the memory of Loredana Floriani.

Read a memorial by Professor Augusto Caraceni at the EAPC blog.

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