Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research


The Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (CEER) conduct long-term research at a high international standard, with the aim of tackling energy-related challenges.


NTNU hosts two Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research


CenSES – Centre for Sustainable Energy Studies

CenSES develops fact-based knowledge for strategic decisions relevant for government and industry. The focus is knowledge for a national energy policy, for national and international climate policy, and for strategies of innovation and commercialization.


ZEB – The Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings

The vision of The Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings, ZEB, is to eliminate the greenhouse gas emissions caused by buildings. This national research centre will place Norway in the forefront with respect to research, innovation and implementation within the field of energy efficient zero-emission buildings. Living Lab is a test facility for real persons using the zero emission building as their home.



NTNU is partner in five Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research


BIGCCS – International CCS Research Centre

The vision of the BIGCCS Centre is to enable sustainable power generation from fossil fuels based on cost-effective CO2 capture, safe transport, and underground storage of CO2. The centre develops new knowledge and technology required to accelerate deployment of large scale CCS, through international co-operation. SINTEF Energy Research hosts the Centre.


CEDREN – Centre for Environmental Design of Renewable Energy

The centre conducts interdisciplinary research for technical and environmental development of hydro power, wind power, power line rights-of-way and implementation of environment and energy policies. SINTEF Energy Research hosts the Centre.


CenBio – Bioenergy Innovation Centre

CenBio aims at enabling sustainable and cost-efficient bioenergy by addressing the entire value chains of virgin biomass and biodegradable waste fractions, including their production, harvesting and transportation, their conversion to heat, power and biogas, and the handling and upgrade of residues to valuable products. SINTEF Energy Research hosts the Centre.


Norwegian Research Centre for Solar Cell Technology

The main objective of the Centre is to give current and future companies in the Norwegian photovoltaic industry access to world leading technological and scientific expertise, thereby enabling this industry to grow into an important land-based industry in Norway. Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) hosts the Centre.


NOWITECH – Research Centre for Offshore Wind Technology

The objective of NOWITECH is pre-competitive research laying a foundation for industrial value creation and cost-effective offshore wind farms. Emphasis is on "deep-sea" (+30 m) including bottom-fixed and floating wind turbines. SINTEF Energy Research hosts the Centre.


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