Centres for Research-based Innovation

The SFI scheme promotes innovation by supporting long-term research through close cooperation between R&D intensive companies and prominent research institutions.

NTNU hosts four Centres for Research-based Innovation

Structural IMpact Laboratory - SIMLAB

SIMLAB develops methods and tools for the virtual product development of structures exposed to impact and collisions.

Center for Integrated Operations in the Petroleum Industry - IO Center

IO Center conducts research, innovation and education within the IO field, to promote accelerated production, increased oil recovery, reduced operating costs and enhanced safety and environmental standards.

Medical Imaging Laboratory for Innovative Future Healthcare - MI Lab

MI Lab facilitates cost efficient health care and improved patient outcome through innovation in medical imaging, and exploits the innovations to create industrial enterprise.

Sustainable Arctic Marine and Coastal Technology - SAMCOT

SAMCOT develops robust technology for industry to enable the sustainable exploration and exploitation of the Arctic.

NTNU will also host five new centres starting in 2015

  • Metal Production – MetalPro
  • Centre for Advanced Structural Analysis – CASA
  • Center for innovative ultrasound solutions for health care, maritime, and oil & gas industries – CIUS
  • Subsea production and processing – SUBPRO
  • Industrial Catalysis Science and Innovation for a competitive and sustainable process industry – iCSi
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Coordinator of International Affairs
Nina E. Sindre

Senior Adviser
Ruth H. Rødde