Centres of Excellence

The Research Council of Norway provides long-term funding for Centres of Excellence (SFF), with the goal to bring more Norwegian researchers and research groups to a high international standard.

NTNU's four Centres of Excellence are:

Centre for Neural Computation (CNC)

The scientific goal of CNC is to advance our understanding of neural circuits and systems and their role in generating psychological functions. By focusing on spatial representation and memory, we expect to uncover general principles of neural network computation in the mammalian cortex.

Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics (CBD)

The vision behind the Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics is to develop an interdisciplinary centre for research into changes in time and space of biological diversity at different organismal levels.

Centre for Molecular Inflammation Research (CEMIR)

CEMIR identifies new therapeutic targets and develop new diagnostic tools for inflammatory diseases through an integrated 10-year programme of research and research training in molecular innate immune responses.

Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems (AMOS)

AMOS develops intelligent ships and ocean structures, autonomous unmanned vehicles (under water, on the surface and in air) and robots for high-precision and safety-critical operations in extreme environments.


The most recent round of funding started at the beginning of 2013, with NOK 2 billion from the Research Council of Norway over 10 years to 13 research groups, of which NTNU has four of the centres.

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