Horizon 2020 projects


Active participation in the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation is a main priority for the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Partnering with leading academics in European projects strengthens the quality and relevance of NTNU's research.

Projects coordinated by NTNU in the 7th framework programme and Horizon 2020:



Innovative CO2 capture (ICAP)
Hallvard F. Svendsen



Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from magnetic waste in the WEEE recycling industry and tailings from the iron ore industry (REECOVER)
Gabriella Tranell

Ocean Food-web Patrol – Climate Effects: Reducing Targeted Uncertainties with an Interactive Network (OCEAN-CERTAIN)
Yngvar Olsen



Space coding in hippocampo-entorhinal neuronal assemblies (SPACEBRAIN)
Edvard I. Moser

Optimizing Exercise Training in Prevention and Treatment of Diastolic Heart Failure (OPTIMEX)
Ulrik Wisløff



Magneto Caloritronics (MACALO)
Arne Brataas

PREdictive digitization, reStoration and degradatIOn assessment of cultUral heritage objectS (PRESIOUS) Theoharis Theoharis

Grid cells: From brains to technical implementation (GRIDMAP)
Edvard I. Moser

Insulator Spintronics (INSPIN)
Arne Brataas 


Nano - Materials - Production

Doped carbon nanostructures as metal-free catalysts (FREECATS)
Magnus Rønning

Intelligent Fault Correction and self Optimizing Manufacturing systems (IFACOM)
Odd Myklebust

Modelling of morphology Development of micro- and Nano Structures (MODENA)
Heinz A. Preisig


Research infrastructure

European Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Laboratory Infrastructure (ECCSEL)
Morten Grønli

European Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Laboratory Infrastructure - Preparatory Phase 2 (ECCSEL PP2) Sverre Quale


Science in society

Science Teacher Education Advanced Methods (S-TEAM)
Peter Gray / Peter Van Marion


Marie Curie

Collaborative Research in Structure Preservation (CRISP)
Elena Celledoni

Creep of Geomaterials (CREEP)
Thomas Benz

Language and Perception (LANPERCEPT)
Mila Vulchanova

Training in Embedded Predictive Control and Optimization (TEMPO)
Tor Arne Johansen


European Research Council

Neural circuits for space representation in the mammalian cortex (CIRCUIT)
Edvard I. Moser

Stochastic Population Biology in a Fluctuating Environment (STOCHPOP)
Bernt-Erik Sæther

Neural mechanisms for memory retrieval (ENSEMBLE)
May-Britt Moser

Deconstructing action planning and action observation in parietal circuits in rats (RAT MIRROR CELL)
Jonathan Whitlock

Cortical maps for space (GRIDCODE)
Edvard I. Moser


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