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Biofuels and bioenergy

Anna Synnøve Nordgård, Department of Biotechnology
biogas, small construction for Norwegian agriculture, biogas microbiology, high ammonia levels, operational problems, cow dung and pig dung
Anna Synnøve Nordgård

Kjetill Østgaard, Department of Biotechnology
biogas, bioenergy, biofuels
Kjetill Østgaard

Olav Vadstein, Department of Biotechnology
biodiesel from algae, bioenergy (microbial), krill and plankton, bacteria and aquaculture, algae shells and solar cells
Olav Vadstein

Edd Anders Blekkan, Department of Chemical Engineering
chemical industry - biofuels, synthetic fuels, oil refining, methanol, fertilizer, plastics, catalysis
Edd Anders Blekkan

Anders Hammer Strømman, Department of Energy and Process Engineering
sustainability: food, energy (biomass, wind, solar cells, carbon capture and storage) and transportation (electric cars, hybrid cars, fuel cells, biofuels, international transport), international trade and environment
Anders Hammer Strømman

Martin Hohmann-Marriott, Department of Biotechnology
bioenergy, energy production in eco systems, renewable energy, synthetic biology
Martin Hohmann-Marriott

Thorsten Hamann, Department of Biology
biofuels and bioenergy, plants, flowers and trees, biotechnology, genes/DNA, molecular biology
Thorsten Hamann


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