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Maren F. Hansen
DNA, genetics, human genetics, hereditary cancer, sequensing, genome sequensing

Sverre Helge Torp
brain tumours, anatomy, pathology, forensic medicine

Stein Kaasa
cancer treatment, pain treatment, palliative care

Tone Frost Bathen
MR imaging (MRI), MR spectroscopy (MRS), metabolomics, cancer (breast cancer and prostate cancer), phenotype, prognosis, personalized treatment, response to treatment

Siver Moestue
MR imaging (MEI), MR spectroscopy (MRS), cancer (breast cancer og prostate cancer), phenotype, prognosis, personalized treatments, treatment responce, nanomedicine, contrast agents, PET scan

Bjørn A.J. Angelsen
cancer treatment, ultrasound and use of ultrasound in diagnostics

Kristian Hveem
cancer, heart/cardiovascular disease, stomach and digestive illnesses, iron deposition, genetic public health with diabetes, biobank

Magne Børset
cancer, bone marrow cancer (myeloma), molecular oncology, cancer of the blood and the lymphatic system, immunology, blood banking

Magnar Bjørås
genomes, DNA, DNA damage, mutations, DNA repair, epigenetics, genome dynamics, molecular biology, molecular cancer biology, molecular neurobiology

Anna Bofin
breast cancer, studies of illness at the molecular level

Haakon Skogseth
cancer, ethics and theories related to research with human biological material

Ellen A. Andreassen Jaatun
medical technology, ear, nose and throat cancer, pain treatment

Anders Sundan
cancer, bone marrow cancer (myeloma), cell biology

Therese Standal
cancer, bone marrow cancer (myeloma), bone, bone cells, stem cells

Anders Waage
blood diseases: leukemia, blood clots, anemia, bone marrow transplantation

Lars Johan Vatten
epidemiology (public health): cancer, cardiovascular disease, birth weight, preeclampsia, life course epidemiology

Jostein Halgunset
pathology/tumor biology (especially prostate cancer), anatomy, biobanking, ethics/law by the use of biological materials in research

Trude Rakel Balstad
antioxidants in food, gene regulation, wasting in patients with cancer

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