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Christmas and winter

What kind of toys do children get for Christmas? What are children's games and culture?

Anne Trine Kjørholt, Norwegian Centre for Child Research
chlldren's culture
Anne Trine Kjørholt


Do children and young people play more computer games at Christmas? Do we meet on social media or do we go to cafe during Christmas?

Berit Skog, Department of Sociology and Political Science
children, adolescents and adults using social media: Facebook, Twitter, blog, Instagram and mobile / SMS
digital cultures, the digital language
Berit Skog

Thea Selliaas Thorsen, Department of Historical Studies
classical antiquity in computer games and virtual worlds
Thea Selliaas Thorsen

Alf Inge Wang, Department of Computer and Information Science
computer games
Alf Inge Wang

Arne Krokan, Department of Sociology and Political Science
social media
Arne Krokan

Aksel Tjora, Department of Sociology and Political Science
cafes, social media
Aksel Tjora


Christmas films and og TV traditions

Anne Gjelsvik, Department of Art and Media Studies
Christmas films and TV traditions film
Anne Gjelsvik

Bjørn Sørenssen, Department of Art and Media Studies
Christmas films and film history
Bjørn Sørenssen


Do immigrants and refugees celebrate Christmas?

Berit Berg, Department of Social Work and Health Science
immigrants and refugees
Berit Berg


We have enough food at Christmas time, but what about physical activites?

Silje Steinsbekk, Department of Psychology
overweight/obesity, food eating behaviour, weight and body
Silje Steinsbekk

Jostein Holmen, Department of Public Health and General Practice
obesity, culture and health
Jostein Holmen

Ulrik Wisløff, Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging
training and public health
Ulrik Wisløff

Gertjan Ettema, Department of Human Movement Science
cross-country skiing and ski jumping
Gertjan Ettema


Icy surfaces and hard-packed snow is hazard for pedestrans and motorists

Olav Sletvold, Department of Neuroscience
falls and hip fractures in elderly
Olav Sletvold

Alex Klein-Paste, Department of Civil and Transport Engineering
ice crystals, road salting, winter operations of roads and runways
Alex Klein-Paste


Insects in the Christmas tree and in plants

Kaare Aagaard, NTNU University Museum
Kaare Aagaard

Torbjørn Ekrem, NTNU University Museum
Torbjørn Ekrem


Christmas shopping and history of money

Ragnar Torvik, Department of Economics
economics and borrow money
Ragnar Torvik

Jon Anders Risvaag, NTNU University Museum
mints, means of payment and history of money
Jon Anders Risvaag


Christmas stress and memory

May-Britt Moser, Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience/Centre for Neural Computation
the brain, memory and sense of location/orientation
May-Britt Moser

Menno Witter, Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience/Centre for Neural Computation
the brain, memory and learning
Menno Witter

Patrick A. Vogel, Department of Psychology
social anxiety, performance anxiety, excessive shyness, stress
Patrick A. Vogel


Advent and Christmas is also time for reflection. But what is time and experience of time?

Truls Wyller, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Truls Wyller


What exactly is politness?

Heidi Brøseth, Department of Language and Literature
Heidi Brøseth

Hans Martin Thomassen, Department of Social Anthropology
social conduct
Hans Martin Thomassen

Hanne Rustad, Department of Language and Literature
politeness, laughter, linguistic communication, health communication, risk communcation
Hanne Rustad


Beliefs and traditions within and outside the Church

Harald Rise, Department of Music
church music, church concerts, repertoire/traditions of the Church at Christmas
Harald Rise

Dagfinn Rian, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
the Christmas Gospel, the New Testament, the Bible, Judaism and Christianity
Dagfinn Rian

Asbjørn Dyrendal, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
history of religion
Asbjørn Dyrendal

Ulrika Mårtensson, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Islam, the Mideast
Contact Ulrika Mårtensson

Jesper Aagaard Petersen, Programme for Teacher Education
religion in schools, religious rituals, secularism, atheism, spirituality
Jesper Aagard Petersen

Ida Bull, Department of Historical Studies
local history, women's history, consumption in early modern times, 1600s-1800s social history, 1700s Trondheim history: trade, schools, education
Ida Bull

Ola Svein Stugu, Department of Historical Studies
national identity, cultural heritage, city and regional history
Ola Svein Stugu

Steinar Imsen, Department of Historical Studies
church history, older Norwegian history, European medieval history
Steinar Imsen

Ola Stemshaug, Department of Language and Literature
words, phrases and language associated with Christmas
Ola Stemshaug



See what the Pyro Group Explosive (Norwegian only) at NTNU says about sprays of gold and rotating flaming wheels for the Big Party (English) in the science magazine Gemini.


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