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Dramatic events

Dramatic events demand explanations, analyses of safety and communication, answers as to why the event happened, and finally: What do we do now?

Children and learning

Turid Suzanne Berg-Nielsen
children and parents, parenting, parental stress, preschool and kindergarten, children and mental health

May Britt Drugli
young children and learning

Communication and logistics

Alf Steinar Sætre
communication and organizations

Britt-Marie Drottz Sjøberg
radiation: perception and risk communication

Tor Medalen
transportation planning

Hanne Rustad
risk communication, health communication, linguistic communication

Construction and architecture

Knut Erik Solem
trends, future research

Stig Geving
building damages

Svein Remseth
earthquakes, earthquake resistant structures

Knut Ove Eliassen
modernism, postmodernism

Hans Narve Skotte
architecture, reconstruction after disasters

Markus Schwai
urban design, urban planning, typologies (architectural forms and building types)

Extremism and fundamentalism

Jennifer Leigh Bailey
fundamentalism in recent times

Morten Levin

Asbjørn Dyrendal
Christian fundamentalism, conspiracy theories

Games, film, television

Anne Gjelsvik
film, television

Kristine Ask
computer games, virtual worlds, online cultures

Genetics-environment and memory

Menno Witter
the brain, memory, learning, brain development, neuro anatomy

Health and sickness absence

Turid Lingaas Holmen
adolescents and health, public health

Steinar Westin
disability, health care, social medicine

Steinar Krokstad
public health, social medicine

ICT, network, mobile systems and computers

Bjarne E. Helvik
reliability and fault tolerance in ICT systems, robust and survivable communication networks

Poul E. Heegaard
communication systems, wireless networks

John Krogstie
mobile systems, data systems, ICT in the public sector

Stig Frode Mjølsnes
encryption, cryptography, cryptology, information security

Harald Øverby
business models and cost analyses of ICT, optical network technology

Kristian Gjøsteen
electronic identification, cryptography, information security, IT security, IT infrastructure security

Magnus Jahre
computers, energy efficiency, processors, memory systems

Svein Yngvar Willassen
digital forensics

Immigrants and refugees

Berit Berg
immigrants, refugees

Politics and political perspectives

Toril Aalberg
elections, political parties

Anders Todal Jenssen
elections, political parties

Torbjørn Lindstrøm Knutsen
foreign politics, international politics, US politics

George Chabert
France: today's politics, society, political history

Kristian Steinnes
the European Union (EU), social democracy, political history

Gunnar Fermann
security policy, foreign policy, international policy, ISIS/ISIL/IS

Gary Love
British history and politics

Espen Moe
USA/American politics and foreign policy, Japan, international politics and foreign policy, international political economy, financial crisis

Security and consequences

Magnus Langseth
risk and vulnerability analysis, protection, consequenses of accidents, disasters/natural disasters and terror, lighter structures, structural engineering, crash safety, crash testing, pedestrian safety, safer roads, protection against extreme loads, explosive loads, impact on pipelines (offshore)

Jan Hovden
security, societal security, consequenses of large and dramatic events

Per Morten Schiefloe
organization and security, security in society

Stein Haugen
large accidents and serious consequences

Carl Martin Larsen
fatigue and collapse ships and marine structures, accidents and collisions at sea, oil spill recovery

Svein Valla
industrial biotechnology, microbiology, genetics of microorganisms

Sverre Quale
management, security and risks, aviation and railway

Endre Sjøvold
management, project- and high-performance teams, hospitals, team-performance in in-secure situations - crises - military operations

Jan Erik Vinnem
oil and gas – all aspects related to major accidents; fire, explosion, collision, capsizing and more

Social and physical vulnerability

Jan Ketil Rød
social and physical vulnerability to natural disasters, maps, geographic information systems

Stress, crisis and treatment

Alf O. Brubakk
extreme exposures

Are Holen
crisis psychiatry, stress

Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair
anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, psychotherapy

Roger Hagen
anxiety, depression, psychoses, mental illnesses

Joar Øveraas Halvorsen
rape/sexual assault, torture, post-traumatic stress/stress disorder and psychologial treatment

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