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Economics and socioeconomics

Ragnar Torvik, Department of Economics
financial crisis, interest rates, inflation, oil economy, macroeconomics, international finance, economic policy, economics, borrow money, access commodities and political goverance, African countries with oil
Ragnar Torvik

Egil Matsen, Department of Economics
interest and foreign exchange market, financial markets, the stock market, national budget and fiscal policy, oil revenues and the «fiscal rule», economic policy
Egil Matsen

Stein-Erik Fleten, Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management
corporate finance, kraftmarkedet, finance, green certificates and support schemes, energy market, commodity prices, electricity market, economic risk, financial risk
Stein-Erik Fleten

Torberg Falch, Department of Economics
education choice, high school dropouts, teacher quality
Torberg Falch

Bjarne Strøm, Department of Economics
education choice, high school dropouts, teacher quality
Bjarne Strøm

Anders Skonhoft, Department of Economics
fisheries economics, environmental economics, sustainable economics, economic growth, cost-benefit analyses
Anders Skonhoft

Asgeir Tomasgard, Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management
energy policy, energy economics, energy systems
Asgeir Tomasgard

Jørn Rattsø, Department of Economics
international aid, official reports, the Norwegian Productivity Commission
Jørn Rattsø

Steinar Westin, Department of Public Health and General Practice
social security, disability pension, health care, unemployment and health, social inequalities in health, social medicine, general practice, familiy doctors in the health care system, medical ecology
Steinar Westin

Jon Magnussen, Department of Public Health and General Practice
health economics, healthcare reforms, social security, patients and health care
Jon Magnussen

Hans Bonesrønning, Department of Economics
development and consequences of education policy and school reforms
Hans Bonesrønning

Erik Nesset, Faculty of International Business
industrial economics, industrial policy, innovation and economic growth
Erik Nesset

Harald Øverby, Department of Telematics
business models and cost analyses of ICT, optical network technology, computer games
Harald Øverby

Espen Moe, Department of Sociology and Political Science
energy policy, renewable energy, climate policy, USA/American politics and foreign policy, Japan, international politics and foreign policy, international political economy, long-term economic growth, financial crisis
Espen Moe

Hans Otto Frøland, Department of Historical Studies
World War II (WWII), Nordic cooperation, Norway and EU, EU and the European integration, German history, Economic history, history of the aluminum industry
Hans Otto Frøland


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