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Environmental pollutants

Tore Syversen, Department of Neuroscience
heavy metals, mercury, trace metals, nanomaterials
Tore Syversen

Bjørn Munro Jenssen, Department of Biology
Arctic: environmental pollutants and polar bears, other animals, birds and fish, pollution, biological consequences of climate change
Bjørn Munro Jenssen

Augustine Arukwe, Department of Biology
pollution, hazardous chemicals and fish, birds and frogs, interaction hazardous chemicals and biology, climate change, food safety, hormone, interactione gene, environment and health
Augustine Arukwe

Veerle Jaspers, Department of Biology
environment pollution, ecotoxicology, birds
Veerle Jaspers

Dag Bratlid, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Children's and Women's Health
environmental pollutants in human milk, environmental pollutants and children, children's health and nutrition, premature babies, congenital malformations, treatment of the seriously ill, Norwegian health care services
Dag Bratlid

Martinus Løvik, Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine
environmental factors and immune defense, allergy (causes, incidence, impact), food allergy
Martinus Løvik


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