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Lise Rye, Department of Historical Studies
EU, Norway and EU, history of the European integration process
Lise Rye

Kristian Steinnes, Department of Language and Literature
EU, social democracy, European modern, economic and political history
Kristian Steinnes

Hans Otto Frøland, Department of Historical Studies
World War II (WWII), Nordic cooperation, Norway and EU, EU and the European integration, German history, Economic history, history of the aluminum industry
Hans Otto Frøland

Anette Homlong Storeide, Department of Historical Studies
World War II (WWII) (history, film, literature), time witness literature, Norwegian and European heritage, cultur of remembrance, German history and politics, European integration history, EU and cultural integration, European cultural history, identity and nation-building, Europeanisation
Anette Homlong Storeide


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Politics, Norwegian and international


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