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Evolutionary biology

Eivin Røskaft
biodiversity, conservation of nature, human behaviour (from the biological point of view), Africa, evolution, population growth

Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair
sex, evolutionary psychology, partner choice and sexual behaviour, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, psychotherapy

Jarle Mork
evolution and evolutionary genetics, sustainable management, fish biology, fishery biology, migrations, fish stocks in The Atlantic, population genetics of marine fish, marine time series (marine climate, biology)

Irja Ida Ratikainen
evolution, animal behaviour, parental investment in animals, adaptions to unpredictabl environments, conservartion biology

Hans K. Stenøien
plant evolution, natural history, tree of life

Arne Moksnes
arctic ecology, plant and animal ecology, birds, ptarmigan, parasites, particularly in cuckoos, evolution, human evolution

Christophe Pelabon
evolution, animal anatomy, pollination

Torbjørn Ekrem
evolutionary biology, DNA bar coding, natural history, insects

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