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Fish, fisheries and aquaculture

Olav Vadstein, Department of Biotechnology
fish farming and bacteria, krill and plankton, biodiesel from algae, bioenergy (microbial), algae shells and solar cells
Olav Vadstein

Ingrid Bouwer Utne, Department of Marine Technology
fisheries and aquaculture; safety and analyses of sustainable technology, oil and gas, ships and wind power: safety and techniques
Ingrid Bouwer Utne

Jarle Mork, Department of Biology
fish biology, fishery biology, migrations, fish stocks in The Atlantic, population genetics of marine fish, marine time series (marine climate, biology), sustainable management, evolution and evolutionary genetics
Jarle Mork

Anne Stene, Faculty of Life Sciences
disease, welfare and health in salmonids in the sea, spread of infections in the sea/water transport, organization of breeding localities/sustainable operation and management
Anne Stene

Ole Kristian Berg, Department of Biology 
salmon, freshwater fish, freswahter ecology
Ole Kristian Berg

Sigurd Einum, Department of Biology
salmon, freshwater fish, freshwater ecology
Sigurd Einum

Geir Johnsen, Department of Biology
organisms in the ocean, marine ecology, photosynthesis, colour pigments in organisms, marine optics
Geir Johnsen

Augustine Arukwe, Department of Biology
hazardous chemicals and fish, birds and frogs, interaction hazardous chemicals and biology, climate change, food safety, hormone, interactione gene, environment and health, pollution
Augustine Arukwe

Carl Martin Larsen, Department of Marine Technology
fish farming systems, platforms, ships and marine structures, analyses, fatigue and collapse ships and marine structures, waves and stresses in ship structures, pipelines, accidents and collisions at sea, oil spill recovery, offshore wind turbines, wave energy, ocean energy
Carl Martin Larsen

Anders Skonhoft, Department of Economics
fisheries economics, environmental economics, sustainable economics, economic growth, cost-benefit analyses
Anders Skonhoft

Bjørn Munro Jenssen, Department of Biology
Arctic fish, birds, polar bears and other animals, environmental contaminants, pollution, biological consequences of climate change
Bjørn Munro Jenssen

Jens M. Hovem, Department of Electronics and Telecommunications
noise propagation and impact on fish and marine life, acoustics, underwater acoustics, marine acoustics, waves in fluids and solids, detection and classification of underwater objects, remote sensing of underwater environments, echo sounder and sonar, communication and navigation under water
Jens M. Hovem

Torkild Bakken, NTNU University Museum
fish in salt water, benthic animals, polychaetes, marine biology, classification, natural history, species diversity in the Norwegian Sea
Torkild Bakken

Jan Grimsrud Davidsen, NTNU University Museum
salmon at sea, sea trout, migatory behaviour, fish ecology
Jan Grimsrud Davidsen

Jo Vegar Arnekleiv NTNU University Museum
freshwater ecology, fish and benthic organisms in fresh water
Jo Vegar Arnekleiv

Karstein Hårsaker, NTNU University Museum
freshwater fish, freshwater ecology, museum collections, collection databases
Karstein Hårsaker


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