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Gender issues

Merete Lie, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture
assisted reproduction, reproductive technology, medical imaging, information technology, globalization, Norwegian companies in China - all topics from a cultural and social perspective
Merete Lie

Elin Kvande, Department of Sociology and Political Science
gender and employment, paternal and parental leave
Elin Kvande

Jorid Hovden, Department of Sociology and Political Science
women's sports, body image and social identity, sports politics and gender in the media, Norwegian sports organizations
Jorid Hovden

Ragnhild Lund, Department of Geography
women in the global south; aid, conflict and reconstruction after war and natural disasters
Ragnhild Lund

An-Magritt Jensen, Department of Sociology and Political Science
fatherhood, childless men, cohabitation (living together) and the risk of failure, children who commute between two parent homes, children's social impact on young women and men, fertility and poverty in Kenya
An-Magritt Jensen

Ellen Andenæs, Department for Language and Literature
language, gender and ethnicity, masculinity, language and minorities, language learning in the workplace, conversation research, Norwegianness
Ellen Andenæs

Eli Løfaldli, Department of Language and Literature
masculinity, film adaptions, British 1700s literature
Eli Løfaldli

Mons Bendixen, Department of Psychology
gender roles and gender equality, sexual assault, sexual harassment, bullying, violence, gang crime
Mons Bendixen


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