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General practice

Siri Forskmo
general practice, public health, effects and consequenses of screening and health checks, Osteoporosis and fractures

Irene Hetlevik
general practice, cardiovascular disease, clinical guidelines, risk, humanistic medicine

Hilde Grimstad
general practice, doctor-patient communication, women's health, medical education

Steinar Westin
general practice, social medicine, family doctors in the health care system, medical ecology, social security, disability pension, health care, unemployment and health, social inequalities in health

Anders Grimsmo
patient care, general practitioners scheme, general practice, primary care, community health service, welfare technology, ICT in healthcare (health informatics, medical record, communication)

Steinar Krokstad
public health, social medicine, HUNT (The Nord-Trøndelag Health Study)

Terje Andreas Eikemo
health and mortality, comparative studies of health in many countries (especially European health), social status, welfare, health care utilization, social inequalities and health, work environment and lifestyle (particularly smoking, physical activity, alcohol and diet)

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