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ICT and internet security

Stig Frode Mjølsnes, Department of Telematics
encryption, cryptography, cryptology, information security
Stig Frode Mjølsnes

Bjarne E. Helvik, Department of Telematics
reliability and fault tolerance in ICT systems, robust and survivable communication networks, network based services
Bjarne E. Helvik

Ann Rudinow Sætnan, Department of Sociology and Political Science
privacy, video surveillance, management by statistics, health care sector data management
Ann Rudinow Sætnan

Kjell Bratbergsengen, Department of Computer and Information Science
data systems, informations systems, databases, health informatics
Kjell Bratbergsengen

John Krogstie, Department of Computer and Information Science
ICT in the public sector, data systems, mobile systems
John Krogstie

Arne Krokan, Department of Sociology and Political Science
ICT in the public sector, school management, digital economy, business models and business development, social media
Arne Krokan

Arild Faxvaag, Department of Neuroscience
e-health, health informatics, ICT in healthcare, ICT in hospitals, health registries, patient record systems, digital patiens
Arild Faxvaag

Øivind Kure, Department of Telematics
protocols and service quality communication systems, internet architecture, wireless networks
Øivind Kure

Peter Herrmann, Department of Telematics
developing methods for web-based systems
Peter Herrmann

Anders Grimsmo, Department of Public Health and General Practice
ICT in healthcare (health informatics, medical record, communication), welfare technology, patient care, general practitioners scheme, general practice, primary care, community health services, interaction reform (samhandlingsreformen)
Anders Grimsmo

Lars Strømmen, Safety and Emergency Management NTNU
information security, emergency, risk management
Lars Strømmen

Kristian Gjøsteen, Department of Mathematical Sciences
cryptography, information security, IT security, IT infrastructure security, electronic voting, electronic identification
Kristian Gjøsteen

Thomas Jelle, Department of Telematics
wireless networks, wireless network security, broadband business models, mobile applications
Thomas Jelle

Maria Bartnes Line, Department of Telematics
information security, ICT policy, deal with security breaches, risk assessments, security in Smart Grids
Maria Bartnes Line


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