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Language and language learning

Terje Lohndal
linguistics, grammar, sentence structure, meaning, dialects, language and philosophy, language and biology

Lars Sigfred Evensen
language, writing, national competence tests in writing

Mila Vulchanova
language acquisition, second language learning, language development, language and thinking, language talent, biology and learning, learning disabilities, developmental disorders (autism, Asperger's)

Tor Anders Åfarli
linguistics, grammar

Kjellrun Englund
early language development

Dawn Marie Behne
multisensory perception, speech perception, multilingualism, speech and language development

Nora Bilalovic Kulset
music and: language, second language, minorites, health, ageing, the brain

Jacques Koreman
spoken language, phonetics, speech technology

Wim van Dommelen
pronounciation, Norwegian as a mother tongue, Norwegian as a second language

Ellen Andenæs
language, language learning, language and minorities, language learning in the workplace, conversation research, Norwegian, gender and ethnicity, masculinity

Heidi Brøseth
grammar, politeness, people and machines

Hermundur Sigmundsson
reading and math skills, dyslexia, math problems, motor skills development, motor difficulties, physical activity, technical skills, sports, generally about learning and skill development, creativity

Kristin Melum Eide
grammar, universal grammar, dialects, language variation and innovation, comparative linguistics, language aquisition in children and adults, Norwegian as first language and second language

Ivar Berg
Norwegian and general history of language, Old Norse

Tor Erik Jenstad
dialects, profanity, insults

Kjersti Faldet Listhaug
language acquisition, learning a second language

Guro Busterud
learning a second language, Norwegian as a second language, children's learning of language

Eivind Nessa Torgersen
English in London, multicultural English in London, dialects in contact, language variation and change, phonetics, multilingualism, youth language

Kaja Borthen
linguistics, pragmatics, semantics, meaning of words, implicit meaning, communication

Tina Louise Ringstad
child language, first language acquisition (how children learn their mother tounge language)

Anne Dahl
English: learning, in Norway, in the school, as an international communication language – language learning, language acquisition (learn another language than the mother toungue), multilingualism

Signe Rix Berthelin
endangered languages, indigenous languages, inuit language, language documentation, language and fieldwork, linguistic meaning


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