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Media and communication

Toril Aalberg
media, political parties, opinion polls, elections

Gunnar Iversen
media, film history

Anne Gjelsvik
film, television

Jens Barland
media management, media innovation, journalism, digital media, contenct marketing

Sara Brinch
Norwegian television, Christmas movies and television traditions, cooking shows and TV chefs, factural television, digital children's literature, historical fiction films, media aesthetics, data visualization, game's aesthetics, photography in social media

Ingunn Hagen
use of media, public, communication in organizations, children and media, commercialization of childhood, yoga and health

Håkon Fyhn
internet meetings, man and machines, memories and writing, aikido, martial arts

Ingvild Kvale Sørenssen
media, children, tweens (10-12 years), popular culture, consumption

Wenche Aarseth
media and external communication (crisis, reputation, ethics, corporate social responsibility), project management, collaborative project management, global projects, stakeholder management, relationship marketing

Vebjørg Tingstad
media, consumption, childhood, children's culture

Daniel Schofield
media pedagogy, mediagraphy, media literacy, digital literacy, media «Bildung»

Soilikki Vettenranta
crisis communication, catastrophe news, media education, global mediagraphy


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