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Geir Johnsen
marine microorganisms, other marine organisms, marine ecology, photosynthesis, pigments in organisms, marine optics

Ingvild Bjellmo Johnsen
immunology, immune defence, viral infection, respiratory virus, celll biology, molecular biology

Eivind Almaas
microorganisms, DNA, genes and proteins, synthetic biology, biotechnology

Magnus Steigedal
turberculosis, microbiology, biotechnology

Kåre Bergh
medical microbiology, bacterial infections, Tularaemia

Olav Vadstein
fish farming and bacteria, krill and plankton, biodiesel from algae, bioenergy (microbial), algae shells and solar cells

Svein Valla
genetics of microorganisms, microbiology, industrial biotechnology

Jan Egil Afset
medical microbiology, E. coli, intestinal bacteria, Tularaemia

Jörn Klein
microorganisms, virology (virus and diseases), biosafety

Rahmi Lale
biotechnology, microbiology, synthetic biology


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