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Obesity and eating disorders

Kristian Midthjell, Department of Public Health and General Practice
obesity, public health, HUNT (The Nord-Trøndelag Health Study)
Kristian Midthjell

Catia Martins, Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine
obesity, weight reduction, diet, exercise, bariatric surgery, appetite control, body composition, metabolism
Catia Martins

Siri Weider, Department of Psychology
neuropsychology, psychology, cognitive functions, intelligence, eating disorders, anorexia nevrosa, bulimi nevrosa
Siri Weider

Einar Vedul-Kjelsås, Department of Neuroscience
eating disorders in men and women, eating disorders and exercise
Einar Vedul-Kjelsås

Siri Marte Hollekim-Strand, Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging
performance nutrition, exercise/physical activity and health
Siri Marte Hollekim-Strand

Silje Steinsbekk, Department of Psychology
overweight/obesity, food eating behaviour, weight and body
Silje Steinsbekk


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