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Jo Jakobsen, Department of Sociology and Political Science
international politics, interstate conflict and war, power politics, nuclear weapons policy, foreign policy of the U.S., armaments, political risk for multinational companies, ISIL/IS, Iraq and Syria
Jo Jakobsen

Gunnar Fermann, Department of Sociology and Political Science
foreign policy, international policy, security policy, ISIL/IS, environmental policy
Gunnar Fermann

Anders Todal Jenssen, Department of Sociology and Political Science
political parties, elections
Anders Todal Jenssen

Toril Aalberg, Department of Sociology and Political Science
political parties, opinion polls, elections, media
Toril Aalberg

Torbjørn Lindstrøm Knutsen, Department of Sociology and Political Science
foreign politics, international politics, US politics, US elections, The Nobel Peace Prize
Torbjørn Lindstrøm Knutsen

Paul Midford, Department of Sociology and Political Science
China, terrotorial disputes China and Japan, Japan, Japan policy, Corea, East Asia, Southeast Asia (policy and security), USA, American foreign policy
Paul Midford

Helge Høibraaten, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
political philosophy, cultural critisism
Helge Høibraaten

Anette Homlong Storeide, Department of Historical Studies
World War II (WWII) (history, film, literature), time witness literature, Norwegian and European heritage, cultur of remembrance, German history and politics, European integration history, EU and cultural integration, European cultural history, identity and nation-building, Europeanisation
Anette Homlong Storeide

Asgeir Tomasgard, Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management
energy policy, energy economics, energy systems
Asgeir Tomasgard

Erik Nesset, Faculty of International Business
industrial economics, industrial policy, innovation and economic growth
Erik Nesset

Per Marius Frost-Nielsen, Department of Sociology and Political Science
military power, war, international politics, defence policy
Per Marius Frost-Nielsen

Bjørn Konrad Rasmussen, Department of Art and Media Studies
education policy aesthetic subjects (including the humanities in the universities), cultural policy, theatre (performance, new forms of production), children's culture, pedagogy of fine arts
Bjørn Konrad Rasmussen

Jennifer Leigh Bailey, Department of Sociology and Political Science
USA, politics and elections in the USA, fundamentalism in recent times, Boston Red Sox, NATO
Jennifer Leigh Bailey

George Chabert, Department of Language and Literature
France: today's politics, political history, cultural history, society
George Chabert

Knut Erik Solem, Department of Sociology and Political Science
political modernization, trends, future research (foresight)
Knut Erik Solem

Gary Love, Department of Language and Literature
Great Britain: politics, history, culture
Gary Love

Agneta Knutas, Programme for Teacher Education
democracy and the Nordic modell, formation, folk university college, team teaching
Agneta Knutas

Kristian Gjøsteen, Department of Mathematical Sciences
electronic voting, electronic identification, cryptography, information security, IT security, IT infrastructure security
Kristian Gjøsteen

Lise Rye, Department of Historical Studies
EU, Norway and EU, history of the European integration process
Lise Rye

Kristian Steinnes, Department of Language and Literature
European modern, economic and political history, the European Union (EU), social democracy
Kristian Steinnes

Magne Njåstad, Department of Historical Studies
political history, social history, early modern times, Late Middle Ages
Magne Njåstad

Espen Moe, Department of Sociology and Political Science
energy policy, reneable energy, climate policy, USA/US politics and foreign policy, Japan, international politics and foreign policy, international political economy, long-term economic growth, financial crisis
Espen Moe

Jørgen Jensehaugen, Department of Historical Studies
United States foreign policy in the Middle East, Palestine, Israel, Jordan, peace process, peace negotiations
Jørgen Jensehaugen

Tor Georg Jakobsen, Department of Sociology and Political Science
political behaviour, conflicts, wars, especially sivil wars
Tor Georg Jakobsen

Jakob Maliks, Department of Historical Studies
sensorship, general public, 1700's Norwegian and Danish history, 1800's Norwegian-Swedish history, Norwegian regions before 1900, 1814, The Norwegian Constitution, flags, Norwegian nationalism, dioceses, barbary pirates/pirates, privateers, European slaves, history of books
Jakob Maliks

Jo-Kristian Stræte Røttereng, Department of Sociology and Political Science
climate negotiations, climate policy, foreign policy, carbon capture and storage, forest concervation as climate measurements, rainforest
Jo-Kristian Stræte Røttereng

Erik Opsahl, Department of Historical Studies
European, Nordic and Norwegian Middle Ages (particulary late Middle Ages and the 1500s), political and administrative history, national identity, nobility and aristrocracy, migration in ancient times
Erik Opsahl


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