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Public Health

Siri Forsmo
Osteoporosis and fractures, general practice, public health, effects and consequenses of screening and health checks

Lars Johan Vatten
epidemiology (public health): cancer, cardiovascular disease, birth weight, preeclampsia, life course epidemology

Geir Arild Espnes
public health, health sciences, training, health promotion, psychology, health psychology, health care in third world, global health, poor countries, South Pacific, Papua New Guinea

Bjarne Nes
public health, training, physical activity, fitness

Kari Bjerke Batt-Rawden
public health, health promotion and community care, music and health, nature-culture interplay, social inequality and quality, empowerment

John-Arne Skolbekken
public health, research ethics, breast cancer screening, risk communication, health risks, understanding health and disease


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