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Urban development

Tor Medalen, Department of Urban Design and Planning
roads and traffic, parking, public transport, travel habits, transportation planning, urban development and sustainable urban and regional planning, spatial plannling, land use
Tor Medalen

Inge Hoff, Department of Civil and Transport Engieering 
roadbuilding, asphalt, crushed stone and gravel, frost heaves, maintenance and rehabilitation of roads, ground penetrating radar
Inge Hoff

Ola Svein Stugu, Department of Historical Studies 
city and regional history, cultural heritage, national identity
Ola Svein Stugu

Carl Fredrik Lutken Shetelig, Department of Architectural Design and Management
urban development: urban planning and urban design, architecture, business architecture, wood as building material
Carl Fredrik Lutken Shetelig

Hans Narve Skotte, Department of Urban Design and Planning
architecture and society, slum and urban planning/urban development in Global South, international aid, development and development actors, reconstruction after war and natural disasters -
The Balkans, Bosnia, the Bosnian War 1992-1995, the reconstruction
Hans Narve Skotte

Markus Schwai, Department of Urban Design and Planning
urban design, urban planning, typologies (architectural forms and building types), architect's involvement
Markus Schwai

Torbjørn Rundmo, Department of Psychology
transport safety
Torbjørn Rundmo

Arvid Aakre, Department of Civil and Transport Engineering
traffic engineering, traffic safety, traffic flow, queue and delay, traffic priority and control, environmental issues, traffic modelling and simulation, intelligent transport systems (ITS), road and street design, driver behaviour, efficiency and safety, vehichle technology, road traffic accident analysis and reconstruction
Arvid Aakre


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