Getting to Trondheim and NTNU

Trondheim is served by rail, bus, boat and air from major cities in Norway and in Europe. The city of Trondheim has a comprehensive description of various travel options to bring new arrivals to the Trondheim area. Here is some additional information that isn't available on that website.

Airport arrivals, and getting to Trondheim/NTNU
Værnes, the Trondheim airport, is served by two different bus services, the first of which is Flybussen, which leaves the airport from in front of the main (domestic) terminal every 15 minutes or so, and takes about 35-40 minutes to arrive in downtown Trondheim. It drops and picks up at two major downtown hotels, the Royal Garden and the Britannia, as well as the Torvet, which is the centre of the city from whence you can take a local bus to both major NTNU campuses, Gløshaugen and Dragvoll. More about that below.

A one-way ticket on Flybussen costs NOK 100, a round trip ticket to and from the airport costs NOK 170, and if you are flying to Oslo, you can buy a ticket that gets you to the Trondheim airport and gets you on a bus to Oslo centre for NOK 200 -- a savings over if you bought two separate tickets.

The second bus alternative is a relative newcomer called Værnes Ekspress, and also costs NOK 100 one way, although the round trip costs NOK 150. The advantage of this option is that it drops off and picks up people at NTNU's Gløshaugen campus, saving the need to get a bus or taxi from downtown.

Not surprisingly, it is also possible to take a taxi and from to the airport. If you order a taxi the day before you leave, you can get a shared taxi ride (with people you don't know) from Tronder Taxi (ring 07373) for NOK 350 one way. Norges Taxi (ring 08000) has a similar arrangement for about the same amount. You can also order a taxi in advance for the ride home and get the same price, a savings over if you just hop in a taxi at the airport.

You order the taxi by phone (where both have an English option on the menu) or on the Internet (which is only in Norwegian) and provide your flight information and pickup address. You will then get a return call or SMS later in the day with information about when you will be picked up. The taxi companies factor in the amount of time you need to be at the airport ahead of your flight. The taxi will then go on to pick up your fellow passengers and once the taxi is full it will proceed to the airport. Alternatively, you can have your own taxi for about NOK 520 to as much as NOK 1200, depending on the location of your final destination.

Regional bus services
The main bus service throughout Norway is Nor-Way Bussekspress. This can be a very reasonable way to travel from Oslo to Trondheim; the fare is NOK 495 one way. The bus will take you to the Trondheim Central Station, from whence you can take a bus to the centre of town (or walk -- it's only about 10 minutes if you don't have heavy luggage) and then hop a #5 to go to Gløshaugen or Dragvoll.

Trondheim city bus services
The local bus service for greater Trondheim is currently being run by AtB. It is fairly easy  for NTNU folk to find their way around:

From downtown, the main bus to Gløshaugen, the science and engineering campus, is Bus #5 (pdf), which then continues on to Dragvoll, which is where the Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences and Technology Management are located. Visitors to Dragvoll can also take Bus #9 from downtown. These are the two main buses serving the campuses and they run quite frequently, every 10 to 15 minutes depending on the time of day.

A bus ticket costs NOK 30 and you do not have to have exact change; the drivers will change bills as large as NOK 200.

If you are staying in Trondheim for an extended period you should consider purchasing a t:kort, which is an electronic smart card that gives you discounts on different fares because you pay in advance.

There is good train service from Trondheim to much of Norway, including the airport, but most people seem to take the bus or taxis to the airport, at least.

The trains are run by NSB, the Norwegian State Railways. There are trains to and from Værnes airport, and the train station is right at the airport proper. There is somewhat frequent service early in the morning and in the afternoon, and with hourly service during off peak times. This is the cheapest option for travelling to and from the airport, with a ticket just NOK 67 as of February 2011.

Because Norway has been a maritime nation for more than a millennia, we include boats as a transport option here. You can take the Hurtigruten from Bergen to Trondheim, and there is boat service to the islands in the greater Trondheim fjord, but as a practical matter, long distance boat trips are more about sightseeing than practical transport. Still, we know of at least one foreign researcher and his family that arrived to Trondheim on the Hurtigruten boat.

On campus -- now what?
NTNU has a fairly comprehensive online map system, although it is still being upgraded and the text remains in Norwegian. However, if you have a building name you can enter it into the map's search engine and you will bring up a map showing the building's location as well as a picture of the building.

The NTNU online map also allows you to call up a floor plan for each building, which shows where you can find the room number you are after. If that doesn't help, don't be afraid to stop passing students to ask for directions -- pretty much everyone speaks English and can help point you in the right direction.

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