International schools in Trondheim

There are two English-language international schools in Trondheim, Birralee International School and the Trondheim International School.

As with all private schools in Trondheim, there is a basic monthly per-student fee of approximately NOK 1500 for each school. The schools may charge additional fees based participation in after school programmes or school lunch plans.

Both schools offer programmes for children through to the end of middle school, which in the British programme is Year 11 and in the IB programme is year 10. Students are typically 15-16 upon graduation from middle school in Norway.

The two schools follow different curricula and are located in different areas of Trondheim, two factors that may help you choose if you are uncertain as to where you wish to send your child.

Birralee International School -- the British national curriculum
Birralee International School adheres to the British national approach to education, in which children start in kindergarten at age 4 and in Grade 1 at age 5. Because of this, UK residents who are in Trondheim for a limited period may find this approach will make it easier for their children to return to the British school system.

Most years, Birralee is located in near the centre of downtown Trondheim, not far from NTNU University Museum. The school shares a building with a Norwegian primary school, so that children from the two schools can intermingle during school free periods. Note, however, for the 2010-2011 school year, classes are being held in temporary school classrooms while the main building is being renovated.

ThIS -- International Baccalaureate programme
The Trondheim International School (abbreviated ThIS) adheres to the International Baccalaureate programme, which is based in Geneva, Switzerland and is offered at 3,180 schools in 140 countries. There are roughly 915,000 students aged 3 to 19 years enrolled in IB schools worldwide.

The school is located in the Rosenborg area of Trondheim, next to the Kristiansten festning, the large white fort visible from downtown Trondheim. Because the IB programme has sister schools across the globe, ThIS tends to attract families who expect to move from Trondheim to another international location at some later date.

Although not strictly an international school, parents can also choose a Steiner School, where the language of instruction is Norwegian.

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