Supercomputing facilities at NTNU

High performance computing at NTNU is centred around a supercomputer called Njord, named after the Norwegian god who is the protector of seafarers and fishermen and who sends favourable winds and calm seas.

Njord is an IBM p575+ interconnected with a high-bandwidth low-latency switch network (HPS). When it was installed in August of 2006, it was one of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe, and doubled Norway's supercomputing capacity in one fell swoop. NTNU's researchers use the machine for a variety of projects, including helping with the study of quantum transport in magnetic semiconductors and bioinformatics. The Norwegian Meterological Institute also uses time on the machine to create more detailed and real-time weather forecasts.

Designed for speed
For those who are curious about the technical details, Njord has a total of 65 nodes partitioned into 59 compute nodes, 4 I/O nodes and 2 login nodes. All 59 compute nodes are shared memory nodes with 8 dual-core power5+ processors 1.9 Ghz. Four of the compute nodes have 128 GB memory, while the remaining 55 have 32 GB of memory. The system is well-suited for large-scale parallel MPI and OpenMP applications, as well as applications that combine these two communication paradigms.

Computing cooperative
Although Njord is happily ensconced at NTNU, all high performance computing in Norway is controlled by a cooperative called NOTUR, which ensures that computing time on the country's four supercomputers is properly allocated. You can read more about NOTUR, including about how to apply for computer time.


NOTUR, the Norwegian Metacenter for Computational Science, oversees the allocation of time for Norway's 4 high performance computers. In addition to NTNU's Njord, Norway is home to Hexagon, a Cray XT4 computer housed at the University of Bergen; Stallo, a Cluster Platform 3000 BL460c at the University of Tromsø; and Titan, a Sun X2200 at the University of Oslo.

NTNU students and researchers can apply to NOTUR to use time on any of these machines as needed. For more information contact NOTUR at