Offshore Floating Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine Specifications

  • Nominal Power output:                                    10 MW
  • Design wind velocity:                                       13.25 m/s
  • Tip Speed Ratio:                                               7,6    (max. blade tip velocity:90 m/s)
  • Rotational Speed:                                            Variable 5 - 12.2 rpm
  • Turbine diameter:                                            140.5 meter
  • Number of turbine blades:                             3
  • Tower:                                                                Lattice tower with 4 legs
  • Maximum wave height:                                   30 meter
  • Hub height:                                                       101 meter
  • Turbine position:                                              Upwind of the tower
  • Generator:                                                         Direct driven PM generator
  • Water depth:                                                     60 meter
  • Design loads:                                                   According to IEC 61400-3: 2009. Design class IB
  • Foundation:                                                       Bottom fixed
  • Reference wind site:                                       FINO1 (Offshore)
  • Reference wave spectrum:                            Will be added
  • Control system:                                                Variable speed + pitch





Here you can find all the work NTNU has done on the reference wind turbine. The page will be updatet continuously as more work is done on the turbine.

A power point file containing basic information about the turbine you can download here

3D model of the Turbine you find here. You unfortunately have to open the file while using Internet Explorer to view the model. You also have to have eDrawing to open the file. Download eDrawing here

Master student Jørgen Tande has made a tutorial/presentation on how the turbine blades was made, from MatLab code converted into a Pro Engeneer file. From Pro Engeneer into CFX. CFD results of the blades will be presented as soon as they are done. The beginning of october will be estemated release date. The turtorial however, you can download or view here.

Data on the turbine blades are given in this excel file: Data reference wind turbine

Tidal turbine blade: here