MARCH 2014: RESET is one of four leading research groups at the Faculty of Humanities, NTNU

The Research Group on the Ethos of Technology (RESET), led from the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at NTNU but multidisciplinary in nature and membership, has been awarded the status as a 'Spydspiss' for the Faculty of Humanities. With this status comes funding for a PhD and a postdoc on a project on Personalised Medicine. Both positions will be announced later this spring.

Tue, 08 Apr 2014 09:04:09 +0200


The ethos of a practice depends on the feasibility of its stated goals, as well as the nature of these aims, articulated and evaluated in the context and by the agents involved in the practice.

The interdiciplinary Research Group on the Ethos of Technology (RESET) seek to work closely with the relevant research environments, as well as engaging other relevant stakeholders, employing a spectre of related qualitative methods. These include interviews, focus group studies, ethnographic observations, discussions, combined with studies of relevant scientific literature, philosophy and ethics literature, as well as public debate.

The members of the RESET group have already employed this approach successfully in a number of projects and on a number of emerging technologies, gradually refining and improving the methodology. Doing this kind of empirical ethics is a context-sensitive approach, and can be done in several ways, at different stages of technology development.

In addition to such approaches that lend support from social sciences methodology, more classical methods of applied ethics is part of our toolbox, such as casuistry and case based reasoning and reasoning from shared principles, based on reflective equilibrium.