Data Collection and Process Modelling


Aleksey MarchenkoAleksey Marchenko (WPL)
Professor, UNIS
Leader of WP1



Aleksey Shestov (WPDL)Aleksey Shestov
Postdoc, UNIS
Sea ice investigations in Fram Strait 


More than 20 years of extensive experimental investigations on Svalbard, the Barents and Kara Seas regions backup the work done by this Work Package. Numerous researchers, MSc and PhD students, work together with the aim of providing the experimental basis for PhD students over the years. Field studies in the regions of the Russian Arctic are also carried out within the cooperation Moscow State University (MSU).

The researchers main goal is to collect and analyze field data on sea ice, icebergs, and coastal permafrost working with this data on the necessary models for further research.