Material Modeling

SAMCoT researchers working within Material Modelling aim to provide constitutive models for ice rubble (ice ridges) and permafrost that can be used in advanced analyses of boundary value problems in other WPs, and to create numerical models that could be used to predict the drift of sea ice and icebergs in the  Barents Sea and Kara Sea.

To achieve such target they will have to address gaps such us: 1) Experimental observations of time and confinement effects in ice rubble as a function of the properties of freeze-bonds and ice blocks; 2) A macro scale (continuum) model for ice rubble that accounts for time effects (rate of loading and creep); 3) An effective stress based permafrost model based on thermo-hydro-mechanical (THM) principles including time effects (creep); Probabilistic estimates of icebergs and pack ice occurrence in regions of offshore development.


Knut Høyland

Knut Høyland (WPL)
Professor, NTNU
Leader of WP2