Fixed Structures in Ice


Knut Høyland

Knut Høyland
Professor, NTNU
Leader of WP2



Andrey MetrikineAndrei Metrikine
Prof. Dr., TU Delft
Deputy Leader of WP3




SAMCoT's Industry Partners need analytical and numerical models to predict the action from ice (first- and multi-year, level ice and ridges) on fixed single and multi leg structures, and to further to develop innovative vibration mitigation measures.

SAMCoT researchers within Fixed Structures in Ice, are reaching through their work a better understanding of how to address ice-structure interaction in many practically relevant situations. This in time will help predict ice loads with a desired accuracy, models have to be developed that account for the effects of ice-structure interaction for the predicted failure mechanisms in ice. Other gaps that SAMCoT researchers are currently focusing on are: the representation of multi-year ridges and ice in model-scale with respect to size, shape and mechanical properties and reaching some understanding of how to address ice failure against a vibrating structure; in particular, the synchronization of ice failure is not clear.