Floating Structures in Ice


Sveinung Løset

Sveinung Løset (WPL)
Professor, NTNU
Leader of WP4



Jørgen AmdahlJørgen Amdahl (WPDL)
Professor, NTNU
Deputy Leader WP4



SAMCoT's researchers within Floating Structures in Ice aim to reach a proper understanding of the difference between moored structures and fixed structures in ice with respect to ice failure mechanisms, or the loads and parameters that affect the dynamics of the coupled system. SAMCoT works to provide numerical models that properly predict the behaviour of moored structures in ice and properly address the effects of moored ice on such structure. Another key goal is to improve methods for assessment of the resistance to penetration of the inner hull of ships and floating platforms subjected to iceberg impacts, accounting for local ice pressure redistribution during major structural damage.

The final aim is provide SAMCoT Industry Partners with new knowledge, analytical and numerical models to improve the prediction of loads exerted by first-year and multi-year level ice and ridges as well as icebergs on floating structures. This also implies prediction of the behaviour and performance of the structures.