Ice Management and Design Philosophy


Roger SkjetneRoger Skjetne
Professor, NTNU
Leader of WP5



Øivind Kåre Kjerstad 
Post Doc
Deputy Leader of WP5



Ice Management is defined as the sum of all activities in  which the objective is to reduce or avoid actions from any kind of ice features. In order to incorporate such activities in the design, there is a need for a framework that allows proper design documentation pertaining to the safety of the Arctic offshore structures supported by ice management operations.

This Research Area aims to establish a philosophy that ensures that the Ultimate Limit State (ULS) and Accidental Limit State (ALS) requirements are fulfilled by Arctic offshore structures without being overly conservative. The work done by SAMCoT researchers considers the use of ice management means such as icebreakers, iceberg towing vessels, structure disconnection and reconnection capabilities, and a sophisticated ice surveillance system for online situational awareness of the ice management process. Also our researchers work on quantifiying the efficiency of ice surveillance such us detection, tracking and forecasting.