SIMLab activities brief 2008 - 2009


  • June 2008 - Impact Loading of Lightweight Structures Conference
    CRI-SIMLab hosted an international conference on "Impact Loading of Lightweight Structures " in June 2008. The conference is a continuation of the conference held in Florianapolis in Brazil in 2005 and will deal with aluminium, magnesium, high strength steels, polymers, foams and composites and their use as a structural material in impact loaded structures. In total, 54 oral presentations were given by academia and industry. In addition a poster session was organized with 28 posters. The presentations and the extended abstracts are gathered on a CD-ROM.
  • September 2008 - Joining Technology Conference
    Together with SINTEF, the University of Hertfordshire, the Welding Institute (TWI) in the UK, and the University of Palermo, CRI-SIMLab organized a conference on Joining Technology, the 18-19 September, 2008. A limited number of papers were presented, among them a paper on joining of dissimilar material using self-piercing riveting from SIMLab. Good contacts were established with other research groups working in the field of joining technology.

Media coverage

  • Presentation on Norwegian television (29.06.08)The lightweight protection activity at SIMLab with focus on international peacekeeping operations was presented on the news on NRK1 (the primary national TV Channel) on 29 June 2008. See also
  • Magazine article - (06.08)
    An article related to lightweight protection against penetration and blast was presented in the magazine Gemini, No. 2, June 2008. Several related articles on this issue can be found on the internet. Furthermore, the article is also published in the magazine "Sjekkposten – Tidsskrift for FN-veteranens landsforbund nr 5/2008".
  • Faculty research prospectus (2008)
    The Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology at NTNU published a prospectus, in which SIMLab is presented as one of the strongest research groups at the faculty.

International cooperation

In addition to the guest lectures mentioned further down, SIMLab's international research cooperation took the following forms in 2008:

LMT-Cachan, France

  • Professor Ahmed Benallal stayed at the Centre during his one year sabbatical . His research contribution is related to the experimental identification and modelling of the Portevin-Le Châtelier (PLC) effect.
  • Professor Francois Hild completed a one week stay at the Centre in October in order to discuss the use of a Digital Image Correlation System for 2D and 3D field measurements. – Common journal publications have been worked out.

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Professor Marcilio Alves had a two week stay at the Centre in March. The research cooperation is related to the behaviour and modelling of polymers. One of his PhD students (Rafael Traldi Moura) had a five months stay at the Centre in 2008. Common publications are planned.


  • The cooperation with Professor Tomasz Wierzbicki has resulted in a common publication on penetration of doublelayered metal plates which was presented at the conference in Trondheim in June.

University of Savoie, France

  • Cooperation was established between SIMLab and the University of Savoie related to the measurements of the temperature increase of structures subjected to large plastic deformations. Professor Odd Sture Hopperstad and Dr. Stephane Dumoulin from SIMLab completed a one month stay at this university in 2008. Furthermore Assoc. Professors Hervé Louche and Christophe Déprés visited SIMLab in October 2008.

University of Linköping, Sweden

  • The well-established cooperation with Professor Larsgunnar Nilsson and his PhD student David Lönn has resulted in a common conference publication on robust design methods for automotive structures.

MURI project

  • The University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) in cooperation with Havard University, University of Virginia , MIT and University of Cambridge have established a Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative Project (MURI) titled An Integrated Cellular Materials Approach to Force Protection, sponsored by the U.S. Navy. Based on the activities in the OptiPro programme, SIMLab has been invited to attend the MURI project meetings in 2008, once at UCSB and once in Cambridge, UK. The main idea with the cooperation in 2008 has been to share information in order to define activities of mutual interest.


  • Dr Carlo Albertini from DYNALAB in Italy visited SIMLab for one week in October in relation with a new testing rig that he has designed for medium strain rate testing of materials. He retired some years ago from his position as a scientist at the Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy, but he is now running his own company with focus on high strain rate testing techniques. 

Keynote and guest lectures

  • Professor Magnus Langseth gave a lecture at the 25th anniversary for the Fondation Franco-Norvegienne in Oslo 19 September 2008. The title of his pre-sentation was "A success story: Aluminium components subjected to impact loading conditions – The MODIF project".

The following guest lectures have been given at SIMLab in 2008:

  • Professor Marcilio Alves, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil: "Structural Impact Research in Brazil".
  • Professor Vikram Deshpande, University of Cambridge, UK: "Micro-mechanical modelling of the dynamic deformation and fracture of ceramics".
  • Professor Francois Hild, LMT-Cachan, France: "From Measurement and Control to Mechanical Identification".
  • Assoc. Professor Hervé Louche, University of Savoie, France: "Thermal filed measurements and heat sources estimations to study the behaviour of materials".
  • Assoc. Professor Christophe Déprés, University of Savoie, France: " Studying plasticity with Discrete Dislocations Dynamics. Two applications – 1. Fatigue damage prediction; 2. Dislocation-based model development".
  • Dr Noah Philips, University of California Santa Barbara: "Ductile phase toughening in brazed joints".

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