SIMLab activities brief 2009 - 2010

International seminar

The Centre organized a workshop on 10-11 June 2009 on the behaviour and ­modelling of polymers. The seminar gathered 20 scientists from Norway, USA, UK, France, Switzerland and Germany. Based on advice from the Scientific Advisory Board in 2008, the seminar was organized to strengthen the testing and modelling activity on polymers in the Centre.


The Department of Structural Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) has closely ­cooperated with Livermore Software Technology Co­operation (LSTC) during the last twenty ­years on the development of material ­models in LS-DYNA. An agreement has been signed in 2009 in order to formalize these cooperative efforts under the SIMLab umbrella. It addresses how SIMLab and LSTC will cooperate in the future with ­regard to SIMLab’s licensing and use of LS-DYNA, SIMLab’s access to LS-DYNA source code, and how the models developed at SIMLab will be made available to LSTC.


Professor Magnus Langseth has been  awarded the title of ”Docteur Honoris Causa” at the Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambrésis in September 2009

Professor Øystein Grong  was awarded the NTNU and SINTEF technological prize for 2009. He was also awarded the Cook/Ablett-prize for 2009 by the Institute of Minerals & Mining, UK

Keynote lectures

  • 7th LS-DYNA Conference on 14-15 May 2009 in Salzburg, Austria. Keynote by: Professor Magnus Langseth.
  • Integrity Reliability and Failure conference on 20-24 July 2009 in Porto, Portugal. Keynote by: Professor Magnus Langseth.
  • COBEM2009 conference on 15-20 November 2009 in Gramado, Brazil, Keynote by. Professor Magnus Langseth.

Guest lectures abroad

Professor Arild Clausen gave a guest lecture at Laboratoire de Mécanique et Technologie, Ecole Normale Superieure
de Cachan, 5 November 2009 on the topic ”On constitutive modelling of thermo­plastics”.

Professor Clausen visited the Group of Solid Mechanics and Structural Impact, University of São ­Paulo, Brazil on 23 Nov­ember 2009 where he gave a guest ­lecture on the topic ”Modelling of thermoplastics - Tests and numerical simulations”.

Media coverage

An article related to safety barriers was presented in the magazine Gemini, autumn 2009. Behaviour and modelling safety barriers is the topic of the PhD thesis of Henning Fransplass. The same article was published in Norway’s largest newspaper VG, 24 February 2009.

National cooperation

The Centre has established cooperation with Assoc. Professor Ørjan Fyllingen at the ­Bergen University College. He holds a PhD from the Department of Stuctural Engineering, NTNU, and has specialized on how parameter variations can be taken into account in numerical simulations to predict a robust behaviour of structures subjected to impact. Ørjan Fyllingen is a co-supervisor for one of our PhD candidates.

International exchange and collaboration

  • LMT-Cachan, France
    (1) Professor Ahmed Benallal has stayed six months at the Centre in 2009 as a part of his one year sabbatical. His research contribution is related to the experimental identification and modelling of the Protevin-Le Châtelier (PLC) effect.
    (2)  Professor Arild Clausen from SIMLab had a two month stay at this laboratory in October – December 2009. His cooperation with LMT-Cachan and in particular with professor Ahmed Benallal and his PhD candidate Rodrigo Nogueira de Codes has been related to thermo-mechanical properties and biaxial testing of polymers. Common journal publications have been worked out.
  • University of São Paulo, Brazil
    Professor Marcilio Alves had a two week stay at the Centre in September. The research cooperation is related to the behaviour and modelling of polymers. One of his PhD candidates had a two month stay at the Centre in autumn 2009. Common publications are worked out.
  • MIT, USA
    The cooperation with Professor Tomasz Wierzbicki has resulted in a common publication on perforation with fragment formation which was presented at the IUTAM conference in Austin Texas, USA.
  • University of Savoie, France
    Cooperation has been established between SIMLab and SYMME at the University of Savoie related to 1) thermo­mechanical modelling and measurements and 2) fundamentals of work-hardening and crystal plasticity. A common journal publication has been worked out.
  • Politecnico di Milano, Italy
    Professor Andrea Manes had a six
    month stay at SIMLab in 2008/2009 ­where
    he worked on modelling of pipelines subjected to impact loading conditions. The work has been presented at the Computational methods in Marine Engineering conference in Trondheim in June 2009.
  • University of Linköping, Sweden
    The well established cooperation with Professor Larsgunnar Nilsson and his PhD candidate David Lönn has resulted in a common publication on robust design methods for automotive structures.
  • MURI project
    The University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) in cooperation with Havard University, University of Virginia, MIT and University of Cambridge have ­established a Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative Project (MURI) titled An Integrated Cellular Materials ­Approach to Force Protection and sponsored by the U.S. Navy.  A common research activity on blast loading and response of aluminium panels has been established in 2009.
  • Dr Michael Forrestal and Dr Thomas ­Warren (USA):
    The cooperation with Dr Forrestal and Dr Warren on behaviour and analytical modeling of targets subjected to projectile impact has resulted in common publica­tions in 2009.
  • Impetus Afea AB, Sweden
    Strong cooperation has been established with Dr Lars Olovsson on the modeling of self-piercing rivets as well as on blast loading of flexible structures using a particle-based method. Common publications have been worked out.
  • DYNALAB, Italy
    A common publication with Dr Carlo Albertini has been worked out on the Hydro-pneumatic machine and presented at the DYMAT2009 conference.  

Guest lectures

The following guest lectures have been given at SIMLab in 2009:

  • Professor Marcilio Alves, University of São Paulo, Brazil: Structural Impact and Material Failure.
  • Professor Sylvi Pommier, LMT-Cachan: Fatigue crack growth under complex ­loading conditions.
  • Dr Charles E. Anderson, Southwest ­Research Institute, USA: Impact of Short and Long Rods into Glass Targets.
  • Dr Timothy Holmquist, Southwest Research Institute, USA: Material Modelling and Numerical Algorithms and Computed Results for High Velocity Impact
  • Professor Karl Schweizerhof, University of Karlsruhe, Germany: On Low Order ”Solid Shell” Elements for Large Deformation Problems – Merits and Limits.
  • Professor Lili Wang, Ningbo University, Ningbo, China: Shear failure and adiabatic shearing under high strain rates.
  • Professor Fenghua Zhou, Ningbo University, Ningbo, China: Numeric study on the rate dependent dynamic fragmentation.
  • Dr Graham Schleyer, University of ­Liverpool, UK: Blast and impact resistance of ultra high performance fibre reinforced concrete beams and slabs.