SIMLab activities brief 2011-2012

New partners

  • Toyota Motor Europe, BMW and Benteler Aluminium Systems became partners in the centre in 2011

International seminars

  • The Polymers programme organized a seminar in Munchen in October 2011 where Statoil, Audi, Renault and Toyota Motor Europe were present. The seminar resulted in an agreement regarding future research as well as common demonstrators to validate the developed polymer model.
  • The annual SIMLab seminar, the Board meeting as well as the Scientific Advisory Board meeting were hosted by Statoil in Trondheim on 17-18 March 2011.
  • CANMET-Materials Technology Laboratory, Canada, organised a workshop on Microstructural Effects on Damage, Fracture and Crashworthiness in High Performance Automotive Materials 10-11 May 2011 in Hamilton, Canada, together with Macmaster University and the University of Waterloo, Canada, and SIMLab, NTNU.

Keynote lectures

  • Professor Tore Børvik gave a keynote lecture at the 8th European LS-DYNA User Conference, 23-24 May 2011, Strasbourg, France, on the topic "Are numerical simulations of ballistic impact predictive?"

Invited and guest lectures

  • Professor Tore Børvik gave a guest lecture at the Danish Centre for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, DTU Technical University of Denmark, 2 November 2011 on the topic "Are numerical simulations of ballistic impact predictive?"
  • Professor Odd Sture Hopperstad gave a guest lecture at Fraunhofer Ernst Mach Institute (EMI), 23 September 2011, on the topic "Behaviour and modelling of aluminium alloys with application to automotive and protective structures".
  • Professor Magnus Langseth gave an invited lecture at the Automotive Circle International conference 7-8 September 2011 in Bad Nauheim, Germany. The topic of the talk was "Crashworthiness of aluminium structures: modelling and validation".
  • Professor Magnus Langseth gave an invited lecture at the aluminium symposium in Qatar 24 November 2011. The topic of his talk was "Aluminium in the offshore and automotive industry".


  • Professor Øystein Grong was awarded the prestigious international Comfort A.Adams Memorial Award for 2011, presented by the American Welding Society (AWS). Øystein Grong received the price at the FABTECH conference in Chicago in November 2011.
  • Professor Arild Holm Clausen was awarded the Norconsult prize as the best teacher in the Civil and Environmental Engineering programme of study at NTNU in 2011.
  • Professor Tore Børvik, with co-authors M.J. Forrestal and T.L. Warren, have received the 2011 Peterson Award for the paper "Perforation of 5083-H116 Aluminum Armor Plates with Ogive-Nose Rods and 7.62 mm APM2 Bullets", Experimental Mechanics Vol. 50(7), 969-978, 2010.

Media coverage

  • Discovery Channel presented SIMLab as a part of the programme Megaworld Norway on 15 December 2011. The same day an article about this programme was published in the net issue of the local newspaper Adresseavisen.
  • SIMLab was presented in the local newspaper Adresseavisen on 26 February, due to that Toyota Motor Europe became a new partner in the Centre.
  • 40% of the international PhD candidates that graduated at NTNU are employed by Norwegian industry. One of them, Virgile Delhaye, has been a PhD candidate at SIMLab and an article about this issue was presented in the local newspaper Adresseavisen on 13 April 2011.
  • The magazine Gemini presented a note in the December issue about a new fulltime professor (Tore Børvik) employed at Department of Structural Engineering, NTNU. Gemini addressed in particular that the research area of the new professor is physical protection and security.

Visiting scientists/professors

Professor Marcílio Alves from University of São Paulo, Brazil, stayed at the Centre for three weeks in February 2011, working on research topics related to the Polymers and Connectors & Joints research programmes.

Research cooperation with organizations

The Centre has strong international cooperation due to its five international partners, i.e. Audi, BMW, Toyota Motor Europe, Renault and SSAB Swedish Steel. Furthermore, the following organizations took an active part in the Centre projects in 2011:

• Cotutelle agreements for PhD candidates

  • LMT-Cachan (Professor Ahmed Benallal), France.
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Professor Karl Schweizerhof), Germany.

Other organizations involved in Centre activities

  • University of São Paulo (Professor Marcílio Alves), Brazil.
  • University of Savoie (Professor Laurent Tabourot) and Ecole Centrale de Nantes (Assoc. professor Ramzi Othman), France.
  • Impetus Afea (Dr Lars Olovsson), Sweden.
  • Politecnico di Milano (Assoc professor Andrea Manes), Italy.
  • University of Linköping (Professor Larsgunnar Nilsson), Sweden.
  • Harvard University (Professor John Hutchinson) USA
  • University of Virginia (Professor Hayden Wadley), USA.
  • University of Liverpool (Dr Graham Schleyer), UK.
  • Technical University of Madrid (Dr. Francisco Gálvez Díaz-Rubio), Spain.

 PhD candidate and other SIMLab staff research visit abroad

  • One of our PhD candidates, Anne Serine Ognedal spent 7 weeks at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in May-June 2011, visiting Professor Thomas Seelig's research group at Institute of Mechanics. She worked on numerical micro-mechanical analysis of the cavitation process around particles in polymers.
  • Tore Wisth and Trond Auestad visited LMT-Cachan in December 2011 to discuss procedures for material testing.

Guest lectures at SIMLab

The following guest lectures were given at SIMLab in 2011:

  • Dr Jürgen Lescheticky, BMW: Crash simulations at BMW. State-of-the art and future challenges.
  • Mr François Moussy, France: How do automotive companies manage the weight control for their cars?
  • PhD candidate Nick Underwood, University of Liverpool, UK: Pulse pressure testing and analysis of steel plates.
  • Dr Oliver Tamfu, Wicona, Germany: Presentation of Hydro Building Systems.
  • Dr Armin Bäumler, Wicona, Germany: Outdoor testing at different conditions.

SIMLaB - Annual Report 2011SIMLab Annual Report 2011

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