Intro: The SIMLab organization

The main objective of CRI-SIMLab is to develop a technology platform for safe and cost effective structures in aluminium, high-strength steels, and polymers through advances in research areas such as materials, solution techniques, and structures.

What does CRI stand for?

SFIThe Research Council of Norway has awarded elite centre status to SIMLab, with its partners the Department of Materials Technology and SINTEF, designating it a Centre for Research-based Innovation (CRI, or SFI in Norwegian) for the period 2007-2014. The objective of the Centre for Research-based Innovation scheme is to strengthen Norwegian research groups that work in close collaboration with partners from industry and public enterprises and encourage long-term research that promotes innovation and value creation.

Facts and figures


Man years 2010/11


Doctoral candidates



Post docs



Key scientists (NTNU and SINTEF)



Visiting/Partner scientists

5 -10 / year


Staff engineers



Administrative staff 2  

Preliminary Budget

NOK (Euro)


NOK per annum.

27.5 million (3.5 M Euro)


NOK in total over the next 8 years

220 million (28.9 M Euro)


Publications (2007-2010)

Articles / papers


Articles published in international journals



Papers presented at international conferences



Figures last revised of July 2011. For more details see the CRI-SIMLab Annual Report

Knowledge dissemination

Industry demands results fast. Through researcher exchange—industrial partners send researchers, and SIMLab's doctoral candidates join these enterprises—SIMLab creates an effective interaction that results in real world solutions at a brisk pace. In addition to the practical application of results in cooperation with its partners, SIMLab strongly emphasizes the dissemination of research results through publication in international journals and at conferences.

SFI-SIMLAB - Centre for Research-based Innovation

Host institution:

Reseach partners:
Dept. of Structural Engineering, NTNU
Dept. of Material Science and Engineering, NTNU

Industrial partners:
Hydro Aluminium
SSAB Swedish Steel
Toyota Motor Europe
Benteler Aluminium Systems

Public partners:
Norwegian Defence Estates Agency
Norwegian Public Roads Admin.

Approx. 30

Group leader:
Professor Magnus Langseth

Host faculty
Engineering Science and Technology

SIMLaB - Annual Report 2013SIMLab Annual Report 2013

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SIMLaB - Annual Report 2011SIMLab Annual Report 2011

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SIMLab Annual Report 2010SIMLab Annual Report 2010

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SIMLab Annual Report 2009 SIMLab Annual Report 2009
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