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  • SIMLab and the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency organised a course on Modern Protective Structures in Trondheim in June 2013. The course was given by Professor Theodor Krauthammer from Center for Infrastructure Protection and Physical Security (CIPPS), University of Florida, USA. The course gathered participants from Norwegian and Swedish governmental agencies and from Norwegian consulting companies. 
  • The Centre organised a two-day international workshop 2-3 December 2010 on the behaviour, modelling and analyses of lightweight protective structures at SIMLab. The workshop gathered totally 33 scientists and PhD candidates from Norway, USA, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden and China. During the workshop the state-ofthe- art was presented and discussed as well as future needs for research within this area. A workshop report will be worked out which will summarize all presentations, discussions and conclusions.
  • In collaboration with Professor Ahmed Benallal at LMT-Cachan, a workshop on bake hardening and related problems (e.g. static and dynamic ageing phenomena, Lüders banding and the Portevin-Le Chatelier effect) was arranged in Cachan, France. The workshop had 13 participants from France, Canada, Sweden and Norway, representing academia, research institutions and steel industry. In the workshop, the industrial perspectives and the state-of-the-art in experiments and modelling of static and dynamic ageing phenomena were presented and discussed. The majority of the presentations given at the workshop are gathered in the workshop proceedings.
  • As a part of the cooperation between SIMLab and the MURI project (Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative Project titled An Integrated Cellular Materials Approach to Force Protection and sponsored by the U.S. Navy) a one day seminar was held 24 August 2010. Discussions were undertaken on how the particle-based method used in the OptiPro programme to simulate blast loading coupled with fragments as well as the Centre aluminium research can be coupled with the landmine activity and protection of vehicles in the MURI project.
  • In order to recognize the 70th birthday of Professor Per Kristian Larsen and thus also his retirement from chair of steel structures at the Department of Structural Engineering, NTNU, a seminar was held in June 2010. Invited speakers were his former PhD students as well as other people from Norwegian industry and the Research Council of Norway, with whom he has cooperated during his 40 years at NTNU.

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