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Selected activities from previous years, including awards, keynote and guest lectures, exchanges and and media coverage.

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Selected press clippings


New NTNU professor on safety and protection

A new professorship has been established at SIMLab, starting on January 1st 2012. The position shall contribute to research within testing, modelling and analyses of components and structures subjected to extreme loads from impact and blast loading caused by accidents in the industry, natural hazards and terrorist acts etc. In this context, a basic understanding of the interaction between the response of the material and geometry of the structure is a key issue.

The professorship has been appointed to Tore Børvik, previously Adjunct Professor at SIMLab. The professorship is partly financed by the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency (Norwegian: Forsvarsbygg) for three years.

Safer with light metals

A cheap and simple structure made of aluminium can mean the difference between life and death the day that bombs go off. One of SIMLab's research projects is developing aluminium structures for protection against impacts, projectiles and explosions. "We have developed a light, cheap and flexible solution to protect buildings, ammunition magazines and containers", says SIMLab Director, Professor Magnus Langseth.
Read GEMINI article: Safer with light metals

Testing guardrails daily and virtually

Testing crash barriers in full scale is a particularly expensive and time intensive undertaking. Barriers must be designed, produced, mounted, and finally tested with various vehicles. But at SIMLAB, new virtual tests of crash barriers are being developed. This may make it possible to undertake 50 fullscale tests instead of a meager one or two. Virtual tests can save Norway large sums and result in fewer traffic injuries and fatalities. Contact: Henning Fransplass.
Read GEMINI article Simlulerer autovern

Trønder impact

Audi magazineWhy is Audi looking to Trondheim as they switch out time-intensive and costly crash testing with computer simulations?  Because it makes for safer cars.  Professor Magnus Langseth maintains that he knows little about cars, but he does know a lot about how things handle impact. For three years Professor Magnus Langseth and his SIMLab research team at NTNU in Trondheim have cooperated with Audi to develop advanced software tools. The Norwegian project will make it possible to cut costly prototypes when a new vehicle model is developed. The goal is for computer simulations to replace expensive full scale collision testing. (Audi magasinet 01/2010). 

Awards 2009

Øystein Grong Technology PrizeProfessor Øystein Grong was awarded the NTNU and SINTEF technological prize for 2009. He was also awarded the Cook/Ablett-prize for 2009 by the Institute of Minerals & Mining, UK. 

Professor Magnus Langseth was honoured with the title of "Docteur Honoris Causa" at the Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambrésis in September 2009. " 

Top models on a diet

GEMINI coverCars have put on quite a lot of weight over the last decades, and need to lose weightEuropean carmakers are getting Norwegian help with their diets. Heavy cars damage the environment more than light-weight cars, and Audi is slimming down their models with help from Trondheim. (GEMINI article in Norwegian

Recent Awards

Tore BørvikSIMLab Professor Tore Børvik, with co-authors M.J. Forrestal and T.L. Warren, have received the 2012 Peterson Award for the paper "Perforation of 5083-H116 Aluminum Armor Plates with Ogive-Nose Rods and 7.62 mm APM2 Bullets," Borvik, T, Forrestal, MJ, Warren, TL, Experimental Mechanics Vol 50(7), 969-978, 2010. The Chair at SEM Honors Committee announces:

"The Peterson Award is given for the Best Applications Paper published in Experimental Mechanics in a two-year period; in this case, for the period 2009-2010. Your paper was selected by the SEM Honors Committee from amongst a group of three outstanding papers nominated for this award by the Experimental Mechanics Editorial Board. The selection of your paper is a well-deserved public recognition by your professional peers of the quality and thoroughness of the approach that you took to this highly challenging problem."

The whole announcement can be read here: Announcement 2012 Peterson Award (pdf)
The paper can be found here:
Previous award recipients are listed here:

SIMLab on Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel logoSIMLab's research is showcased on Discovery Channel on December 15th at 22.00. As a part of the TV series MegaWorld, Director Magnus Langseth and Professor Tore Børvik are interviewed and several tests are shown in detail.

Tune in on Discovery Channel on Thursday the 15th at 22.00.

MegaWorld is a Discovery Channel Canada production that focuses on achievements in science and engineering. In 2010 an episode focusing on Norway was filmed and airs on Discovery Channel all over the world. In addition to SIMLab, this episode also presents CHC Helicopters in Stavanger, Moxy Doosan Dump Trucks in Elnesvågen, Ski Flying Hill in Vikersund, The Ulstein X-bow in Ulsteinvik, Eker Design in Fredrikstad and Nammo Explosives in Raufoss.


Feature article in Dagens Næringsliv

Facsimile - Dagens NæringslivAnne Serine Ognedal, PhD candidate at SIMLab, has written a feature article that was published in Dagens Næringsliv on June 1st. The article deals with the use of computer simulations in the car industry.

Click to download pdf


SIMLab Annual report 2012

The annual report for 2012 is now available. Download the report to read about last year's activities at SIMLab!


Utlysning av nye sentre for forskningsdrevet innovasjon

En av SFI-suksessene er SIMLab ved NTNU, her med datasimulert bil og kollisjonsdukke. (Illustrasjon: SIMlab)Norges forskningsråd har besluttet å lyse ut nye sentre for forskningsdrevet innovasjon. SFI SIMLab trekkes  frem som et eksempel på en vellykket SFI. Vi setter stor pris på anerkjennelsen.

Les hele saken på forskningsrådets sider.


SIMLab’s annual Board meeting 2013

SIMLab's annual board meeting and seminar was hosted by Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products in Bonn, Germany on 6 and 7 May 2013. Thanks to Hydro for the hospitality and to all the participants for a fruitful seminar.

The seminar venue at Hydro in Bonn. Photo: Max Malsch
The seminar venue at Hydro in Bonn.

Magnus Langseth presenting the Annual Report for 2012. Photo: Max Malsch
Magnus Langseth presenting the Annual Report for 2012.

The seminar participants. Photo: Max Malsch
The seminar participants.

SIMLab Board members. Photo: Max Malsch
SIMLab Board members. From left: Tore Tryland, Rudie Spooren, Arjan Strating, Trond Furu, Tsukatada Mastumoto, Eric Vaillant, Per Kr. Larsen, Helge Langberg, Astrid Vigtil, Magnus Langseth, Thorsten Rolf, Karl Vincent Høiseth, Henning Fransplass.

All photos: Max Malsch


Professor Torger Reve på besøk hos SIMLab

Torger Reve, professor i strategi og industriell konkurranseevne ved Handelshøyskolen BI, besøkte SIMLab den 28. mai 2013. Reve deltok i diskusjoner med SIMLabs ledelse og holdt i tillegg en gjesteforelesning for ansatte ved Institutt for konstruksjonsteknikk, NTNU. 

Utgangspunktet for Reves besøk var arbeidet hans med boken "Et kunnskapsbasert Norge" som ble utgitt i forbindelse med et stort forskningsprosjekt med samme navn.
Les mer om prosjektet her:

Vi takker Torger Reve for gode innspill og en engasjerende forelesning.

Professor Torger Reve og professor Magnus Langseth
Fra venstre: Professor Torger Reve og Magnus Langseth

Magnus Langseth og Professor Torger Reve hos SIMLab


SIMLab på forsiden av juni-nummeret av Gemini

Gemini har snakket med professor Tore Børvik, og ph.d. Knut Gaarder Rakvåk ved SFI SIMLab. Saken er på trykk i siste nummer av Gemini og pryder også forsiden av bladet.

Les saken her på Geminis nettsider, og på


Six new PhDs at SIMLab

Six new PhD students are starting at SIMLab this autumn. Four of them as a part of CRI SIMLab and the other two on projects with other external funding. We welcome them to the SIMLab team.

From left: Jens Kristian Holmen, Petter Holmstrøm, Johan Kolstø Sønstabø, Erik Grimsmo, Lars Edvard Dæhli and Arne Ilseng.
From left: Jens Kristian Holmen, Petter Holmstrøm, Johan Kolstø Sønstabø, Erik Grimsmo, Lars Edvard Dæhli and Arne Ilseng.


Jens Kristian Holmen's project has the working title Computer-aided design of lightweight protective structures. He is supervised by professor Tore Børvik.

Petter Holmstrøm's project is titled Modelling of the mechanical behaviour of fibrereinforced polymers. Professor Arild Holm Clausen is supervising Petter.

Johan Kolstø Sønstabø will be studying the Behaviour and modelling of flow drilling screws. Professor Magnus Langseth is the supervisor. The project is funded by Honda R&D USA and is not a part of the CRI.

Erik Grimsmo's project is titled Bolted connections subjected to transient loading conditions. Erik's supervisor is professor Arild Holm Clausen.

Lars Edvard Dæhli is working with Modelling of damage and fracture in aluminium alloy structures. His supervisor is professor Odd Sture Hopperstad.

Arne Ilseng's project is called Behaviour and modelling of elastomers subjected to a wide spectre of pressures and temperatures. Arne's supervisor is professor Arild Holm Clausen. The project is funded by Aker Solutions and is not a part of the CRI.


Computer crash pays off

Facsimile AftenpostenSIMLab was portrayed in an article in Norway's biggest subscription newspaper Aftenposten (The Evening Post) on October 24th 2013. The article presents SIMLab's work with numeric simulations and how this can make Norwegian and European companies more innovative and profitable.

Read the whole article here at Aftenposten.


SIMLab on TV

The SIMLab partners have visited Trondheim in connection with the release of SIMLab Tool Box version 2.0. The Norwegian Broadcating Network NRK visited the seminar on Wednesday November 13. The feature can be seen here:


Professor Øystein Grong awarded

Photo of Øystein GrongProfessor Øystein Grong has been awarded the prestigious international Comfort A. Adams Memorial Award for 2011, presented by the American Welding Society (AWS). Øystein Grong received the price at the FABTECH conference in Chicago in November. He also gave a lecture at the conference titled "Recent Advances in Solid State Joining of Aluminium". This lecture will later be in print in the Welding Journal, published by AWS.

Professor Øystein Grong was awarded for the development of the Hybrid Metal Extrusion and Bonding Method (HYB). 

November 2011

Arild Clausen awarded

Arild Clausen awarded as best educator at Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Norwegian consulting engineering company Norconsult has awarded SIMLab professor Arild Clausen for his teaching abilities. The price is established to draw attention to the need for capable educators. Clausen is honoured for his way of presenting the curriculum. His lectures are always well prepared and he is popular among the students. Read more here:


Hydro Alumium visit

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Hydro Aluminium, Dr Svein Richard Brandtzæg, visited SIMLab on 18 April. Hans Erik Vatne, Senior Vice President and the new Head of Technology at Hydro, was leading the delegation. The agenda was future challenges in aluminium research and the test facilities available at SIMLab. The visit understates Hydro's interest in SIMLab's work and how Hydro plays a vital role to SIMLab as a partner.

The meeting was also covered by the press. See more here:

Discussions at the kicking machine. From left: Hans Erik Vatne (SVP Norsk Hydro ASA), Svein Richard Brandtzæg (CEO Norsk Hydro ASA), Magnus Langseth (Director of SIMLab). Photo: Ole Morten Melgård

Safety precautions during a test in the compressed air gun. From left: Bjørn Holmedal (Institutt for materialteknologi), Svein Richard Brandtzæg (CEO Norsk Hydro ASA), Hans Erik Vatne (SVP Norsk Hydro ASA). Photo: Ole Morten Melgård

SIMLaB - Annual Report 2013SIMLab Annual Report 2013

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SIMLaB - Annual Report 2012SIMLab Annual Report 2012

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SIMLaB - Annual Report 2011SIMLab Annual Report 2011

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SIMLab Annual Report 2010SIMLab Annual Report 2010

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SIMLab Annual Report 2009 SIMLab Annual Report 2009
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SIMLab Annual Report 2008
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SIMLab Annual Report 2007
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