Testing facilities and equipment

SIMLab's extensive experimental facilities are used in the testing of materials, components, and structural subsystems. A number of the special-purpose testing facilities are employed in the material characterization at elevated rates of strain and at different stress states. Other test rigs are used for impact testing of components and structures for validation of numerical models.

Crashing into the research front created 17.09.2010

At SIMLab, the saying "it is an ill wind that blows nobody any good" could serve as a motto. Shooting, squeezing, crashing and destruction have produced one of the most innovative research environments in Norway.

Crash testing

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Automotive application of a riveting system

Automotive application of a riveting system

Equipment acquisition

2010 — New reaction wall for the SIMLab ­pendulum accelerator:
A reaction wall has been designed and will be installed autumn 2010. The new reaction wall will have a total weight of 130 000 kg and will be floating on the floor by using special-purpose designed shock absorbers. This will limit the transfer of dynamic forces to the laboratory floor and thus the rest of the building

High resolution cameras: We have acquired two new high resolution cameras to carry out field measurements when using the Digital Image Correlation System.

Hall and equipment

Testing hall, with Kicking machine in the foreground, Department of Structural Engineering, NTNU.