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Recent Publications:

Emil A. Røyrvik, 2011. The Allure of Capitalism. An Etnograpy of Management and the Global Economy in Crisis
Research in Ethiopian Studies Aspen, Harald / Teferra, Birhanu / Bekele, Shiferaw / Ege, Svein, 2010:


Iversen, Gunnar and Simonsen, Jan Ketil, 2010, "Beyond the visual. Sound and image in ethnographic and documentary film - NAFA 5"


Williksen, Solrun and Rapport, Nigel, 2010: Reveries of Home:Nostalgia, Authenticity and the Performance of Place


Fyhn, Håkon (ed) 2009, Kreativ Tverrfaglighet , teori og praksis
Illustrasjonsbilde/FOTO Larsen, Tord, 2009, Den globale samtalen