Getting to the student villages

Here you will find the necessary instructions on how to get to the student village once you arrive at Trondheim Airport (Værnes) by plane. Students who are going to have private accommodation and are not allocated a room at Moholt or Steinan Student Village, will have to find the most suitable transportation to their destination themselves.

NTNU does not provide a service to pick up international students from the airport to the Student villages. You will have to arrange for transportation yourself. 

When you arrive at Trondheim Airport, Værnes, which is located about 35 km north of the city, there will be a public bus (Værnesekspressen) waiting outside the airport that will take you to Moholt Student Village (NB. No departures on Saturdays. Please use another bus company theses days). You will have to pay around NOK 100,- for the ticket. If possible, please try to remember to change some money at the airport before taking the bus. When you (after about 50 minutes) arrive in Trondheim, you should get off at the bus stand at Moholt. (some of you might be allocated housing at Steinan Student Village. If so please get off at Moholt and arrange for transportation on your own after you have collected your key at SiT's reception at Moholt)

If you arrive on Saturdays, use the public bus from Værnes and get off at Royal Garden Hotel, where you can take a taxi to Moholt Student Village or you can walk over to Munkegaten (name of a street), where you can take bus no. 66 or bus no. 5, that will take you to Moholt Student Village. In case you take the bus, please ask the bus driver to tell you when you have reached your destination. Before taking the bus from the Munkegaten to Moholt, you must remember to have NOK 40, - ready for the ticket.

We would advise you not to take a taxi all the way from Trondheim airport Værnes to Moholt Student Village. This will be very expensive (around NOK 500), and the bill will not be refunded.

Opening hours: Students who will stay at the student village, please note the opening hours at SiT's reception at Moholt.