Bachelor, 3 years

Bachelor of Social Sciences in African Studies

– About the programme

The bachelor programme in African studies is a multidisciplinary study programme shedding light on different aspects of African society.


The anthropologists will provide the students with information on social and cultural relations south of Sahara, while the historians will place the region within an historical context and show how social change is a result of the interaction between domestic and external forces.

The geographers will shed light on some of the issues related to the interaction between humans and the environment in Africa, for example forest degradation, soil erosion, fresh-water problems, resource scarcity, and environmental problems.

Public health specialists will provide the students with information on the most important problems related to health and disease control in Africa south of Sahara, and focus on the complex relationship between the level of socio-economic development, education and health.

We have a special surprise for music lovers, and offer courses directed toward a culturally specific, anthropological understanding of music, dance, literature, and visual form of art, which will clarify the integration of art in other cultures and societies. The music course focuses in particular on the new global forms of musical expression, often referred to as "World Music". As a student in the African studies programme you will be able to specialize on a variety of African topics, acquiring skills which are unique in Norwegian academia.

Programme structure
The bachelor's programme requires three years of study, and gives the student the possibility to combine different courses. Information about the courses can be found in the course descriptions. Please note that the language of instruction is mostly Norwegian, conusult the course list for an overview of courses held in English at the University.

Exchange student?

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You are welcome as an exchange student to study one of our many courses.

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