Applied Linguistics - Language and Literature, Bachelor's programme - Applied linguistics

Applied Linguistics - Language and Communication Studies

This program no longer accepts applications.

Illustration - Applied LinguisticsWhat happens when we communicate with each other? How does language acquisition take place? How do various forms of communication technology function?

Communication Studies is concerned with practical assignments and problems related to acquiring and using language in interaction with others. Theory and practice is intertwined, and we therefore cooperate with practicians in schools, the media, industry and commerce, as well as public and private management.

As a student in Communication Studies you will learn to:

  • Analyse linguistic communication and communication processes.
  • Critically consider popular assumptions on communication and research on communication.
  • Use and consider various communication technologies.

The specialization in Language and Communication Studies provides theoretical and practical insight in oral and written communication, including media communication, incuding electronic and media. The course of study provides an overview of chosen subject areas, in addition to practical experience with communicative work methods and analyses.

If you are aiming for work in the media industry, counselling, publishing, or management, subjects such as Media Studies or Social Studies (Social Anthropology, Sociology, or Psychology) may with advantage be combined with Communication Studies.

If you wish to work in a high-tech company, it might be a good idea to combine Communication Studies with a modules/courses in Information and Communication Technology, perhaps in combination with Social Studies courses.

If you consider working within education, it might be a good idea to combine Communication Studies with modern languages such as Norwegian, English, French, or German. Pedagogics or Phonetics are relevant alternatives if you are interested in special education or therapy.

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